Cell & structures

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Section 1

Question Answer
Smallest living unitCell
Magnification for light microscopex1000
MagnificationEnlarge small object to be visible
ResolutionDegree to distinguish 2 objects
Robert HookeInvented 1st microscope and discovered plant cells
CytologyStudy of cells in terms of structure
BiochemistryStudy of cells in terms of chemical process
Cell fractionationprocess separate cellular components while preserving individual functions
Size limitations of cellMaximize surface to volume ratio
Why maximize surface to volume ratioTo optimize rate of diffusion
Why virus is not considered livingLack ability to self-reproduce

Section 2

Question Answer
ProkaryoteSingle existing cell
EukaryoteMultiple existing cell
OrganelleExclusive to Eukaryotes, membraned and specialized unit within the cell
NucleusExclusive to Eukaryotes, organelle contain the DNA
RNAExclusive to Prokaryotes, single-stranded nucleic acid