Cell parts and functions

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LysosomeDigests old cell parts and breaks down larger food molecules into smaller food molecules
NucleusControls what happens in the cell. It is the control centre of the cell
NucleolusProduces ribosomes
Golgi bodyReceives products from ER and makes final modifications. Also sorts products and sends them to their final destination
CytoskeletonStructural support and movement of materials
VacuoleStores food, water and waste
MitochondriaBreaks down sugar molecules into energy, the power house of the cell
Cell membraneProtects and supports cell. Controls movement of materials in and out of the cell. It is selectively permeable
CentriolesHelp with cell division, located near nucleus
ChloroplastUses energy from sun to make food for the plant. Usually contains Chlorophyll
Large central vacuoleplants need to store larger amounts of food water and waste
Cell wallRigid outer layer of plant cell made of cellulose. Protects and supports. Only allows H2O, O2 and CO2 to pass
SERCarries materials through the cell
RERSame as smooth ER except there are ribosomes attached to it
CytoplasmClear jelly-like material. Supports organelles. Found inside cell membrane
RibosomeProduces protein
ChromosomeThread-like structure located in the nucleus, contains DNA
PeroxisomeDigest fatty acids
PlasmodesmataHoles in the cell wall allowing molecules to go over back and forth

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