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increase in Ca to presynaptic terminal; increase in ACHmore Achl to be released; Polio kills lower motor neurons so you lose function of randomized areas
sarin gasdeath from spasming; (spastic paralysis--no relaxation) block AchE; increase in Ach
botox/botulismcant contract; muscles relax (block ach release)
alpha motormo mixed motor units; ex. SO we will have SO and FG will have FG and they are regioned separately; if you lose a few axons you still have even muscle communication; sense both muscle spindles and GTO sense tension increase; they help regulate the amount of effort required to perform movements that call for variable amounts of muscular force
extrafusal fibersmuscle fibers that surround intrafusal fibers (Muscle spindles) include alpha motor
Golgi Tendon Organs (GTO)Can shut muscles down and activate antagonist; interwind in tendon collagen, so when muscles contract, GTO detect changes in tension within tendons and act to inhibit motor nerve activites if tension is excessive
Gamma motorwhat are attached to polar regions of spindle fibers; 30% of muscle LMN are gamma