Cell Biology => Unit 3 Cell Types

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Question Answer
The two fundamental groups of cells are:prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells
Prokaryotic are considered to be _________ and the ____ type of cell to have appeared on this planet billions of years ago.primitive; first
Characteristics of protkaryotic cells are 1)__________ & 2)_____________.1) the cell do not have a nucleus 2) the cells do not have any complex organelles (esp. no membraneous ones)
Prokaryotic cells do have _________ but not in the ____________.genetic material; membrane
Prokaryotes make up two kingdoms of life: _________ & __________Bacteria and Archaea (a special type of bacteria)
Prokaryotic cells do not form __________________ organisms but live as _______, ________ cells.multicellular organisms; independent single cells
Prokaryotic cells can live in __________ and _________ conditions.harsh and extreme (limited oxygen, lack of heat, lack of sunlight)
Eukaryotic cells are considered to be more __________ or __________."advanced" or modern
Eukaryotic cells have the following characteristics: __________ & __________have a nucleus and have a variety of complex organelles (including membranous)
Eurkaryotic cells form several kingdom, including those with complex, multicellular organisms: (4)Protists (mainly single-celled organisms), Fungi, Plants, Animals

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