Cell Biology => Unit 3 Cell Division and Mitosis

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Section 1

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Because all cells arise from _______ cells, ______ _______ is a universal process in the biological world.pre-existing cells; cell division
Brief summary of the life cycle of a cell:new cell ----> Interphase (growth and activity) -----[ cell division (into two cells)
__________ is a stage that involves _________ and ________ ______ activity lasting for a _____ hours or _______yearsinterphase; cell growth; normal cell; few hours; many years
A special type of cell division is _______ which is the division of _______ cells.meiosis; sex
_______ is cell division where two new ______ cells are created that have the exact same _________ information as the original cell.Mitosis; daughter; genetic
(Mitosis) An important event in __________ is at the ______ where DNA is ___________. For each _______, and ________ copy is made.interphase; end; duplicated
The trickiest part of mitosis is making sure that the two sets of DNA are _______ _______ and _______.separated precisely and completely
Name the four distinct stages of cell division:1) prophase 2) metaphase 3) anaphase 4) telophase
What is a chromosome? a chromatid?A strand of DNA and it's duplicate copy, all together. Each identical copy of DNA
How are chromatids attached?by a centromere

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In mitosis, _________ are small structures that serve as an _______ _______.Centrioles; anchor point
In mitosis, _______ fibers are thin _______ strand that are capable of ______/sindle; protein; shortening
The four events of prophase are: a) the chromosomes condense and become visible (in a microscope) b)The nuclear envelop disappears c) centrioles move to the poles of the cell d) Spindle fibers begin to appear
(Mitosis) _______ is characterized by having the ________ line up in an ______ fashion.Metaphase; chromosomes; orderly
(Mitosis) The events in Metaphase are:a) The chromosomes line up along the "equator" of the cell b) The spindle fibers are attached to the centromeres (centriole (anchor point) at one end, and the centromere at the other)
(Mitosis) ________ is the stage where the ________ chromosomes _____ ______ and the two sets of genetic material move toward _________ ends.Anaphase; sister; split apart; opposite;
(Mitosis) The two events of Anaphase are:a) The centromeres split apart and the two sister chromatids become separate b) The spindle fibers shorten, and pull the chromatids to their respective poles
(Mitosis) The three events in Telephase are:a) The spindle fibers disapper b) Two new nuclear envelopes appear (surround genetic material) c) The chromatids unravel, and become long thin strands once again (to become active) d) Cytokinesis occurs
(Mitosis) What is Cytokinesis?a term that refers to the splitting of the cell body. Cell pinches inward along the "waist" of the cell between the two poles where the nuclei are located- eventually pinching apart)
Mitosis ensures that the ________ material will be ________ correctly with each new cell getting a complete and identical copy of the original _________ ________.genetic; distributed; genetic code