CC Sept 2015 Statins and Diabetes

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In 2013, the American College of Cardiology / AHA made what recommendations regarding statin therapy?statin therapy based on risk assessment in addition to high LDL levels > 190 mg/dL
*** A meta-analysi fo 13 randomized, controlled trials showed what results regarding risk of DM for patients on statin therapy?1) risk of DM increased by 9% over 4 years 2) for every 255 patients treated w/ a statin for 4 years, 1 would develop DM
True of false? The risk seem to be equal regardless of the specific statin used?true
Another meta-analysis of 5 randomized controlled trials demonstrated that higher doses of statins were associated with a higher risk of developing DM when compared to lowo-dose statins. Provide statistics regarding this statement for patients on therapy for 5 years??After about 5 years, there was an addiation case of DM per 1000 patients in pts receiving high dose statins (Atorvasttin 80 mg, Simvasttin 40-80 mg) when compared to moderate-intensity statins (Atorvasttin 10 mg, Simvastatin 20-40 mg, Pravastatin 40 mg)
What is the hypothesis of why statins increase the risk of developing DM?increased levels of LDL receptors (a consequence of statin use) may be responsible for the higher risk. When compared to > 38,000 controls, a review of 25,000 patients w/ familial hypercholesterolemia (who had low levels of LDL receptors) had an overall lower incidence of DM. So greater uptake of LDL cholesterol by the pancreatic beta cells may reduce insulin production
What is the American Diabetes Association recommendations for the use of statins in DM patients?"while the risk of new-onset diabets rises as adherence with statin therapy increase, benefits of statins in reducing cardiovascular events clearly overwhelms the diabetic risk