CC Sept 2015 Methamphetamine

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The finding of remarkable amount of decay of a patient's teeth developed over a period of 1 year should trigger what questioning?regarding use of methamphetamine ("meth")
What is meth?a homolog of amphetamine
Meth is easily manufactured in home labs using what medication and has the appearance of what?1) pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) 2) clear, chunky crystals resembling ice
What type of labs in cars and backpacks are a community health crisis?"shake and bake" labs
List the 4 ways that meth can be used?1) orally 2) snorted 3) smoked 4) injected intravenously (mainlined)
List 7 names that meth is referred to on the street?1) meth 2) ice 3) crystal 4) chalk 5) glass 6) crank 7) fire
When snorted or taken orally, it causes what is described as what?a highly pleasant euphoria
When smoked or mainlined, it causes a high-intensity rush of what onset?rapid onset
Why can used of meth result in high-risk sexual behavior (unprotected)?increased libido and sexual pleasure
Meth use is most common in white males between the ages of ___ and ___? Can it result in addiciton and tolerance?1) 18; 25 2) yes
List the 3 acute adverse effects of meth as to body systems and their effects?1) cardiopulmonary (HTN, tachycardia, tachypnea, cardiac collapse, MI) 2) neurologic/psychiatric (anxiety, confusion, increased wakefulness, euphoria, irritability, memory loss, paranoia (with tendency toward aggression and violence), psychosis, tremor, convulsions) 3) miscellanceous (anorexia, hyperthermia, pressure speech, increased physical activity, insomnia
*** Oral pathology associated with meth use is termed " ____ _____"?meth mouth
*** Meth users complain of dry mouth (xerostomia). Why is there rampant caries in meth users?because meth use causes dry mouth and saliva protects teeth
Both mandibular and maxillary teeth may be involved. The amount of decay may be extensive with what consequence?1) fracture of teeth 2) loss of teeth
List 3 other proposed contributing factors to meth mouth?1) acidic substances used in the manufacturing process 2) lower pH of meth user's saliva 3) decreased buffering capacity of the salive of meth users
What is another manifestation of the hyperactivity seen with meth during sleep?bruxism (clenching or grinding of teeth)
Dental s/s occur regardless of the method of use, give an example explaining the pattern of decay to be different between methods of use?there is a higher frequency of dental pathology in those who inject meth compared with those who smoke or snort it
Dental caries appear to be more common in what ethnic groups and in those who dod not brush their teeth at least ____a day?1) nonwhite 2) once
What is the treatment plan meth mouth?1) patient should be advised about the dangerous consequences of meth use and referred for drug treatment 2) referral to a dentist 3) reduce sugar intake (especially decay-promoting, carbohydrate-rich soft drinks) 4) increasing salivary flow, oral moisturizers and fluoride supplementation
Hutchinson's teeth, a congenital abnormality with notching and pegging of the teeth is related to what disease?congenital syphilis
What can cause discoloration of teeth?tobacco use adn coffee consumption
Is THC use associated with specific dental problems?no
*** SUMMARY = use of meth is most common in white males between the ages of ___ and ____ and can result in addiction and tolerance? 18-25
*** SUMMARY = There are numerous adverse affects of meth affecting what 2 systems of the body1) cardiopulmonary 2) neuropsychiatric
*** SUMMARY = Rampant dental caries result from 3 things in meth users?1) dry mouth 2) lower pH of saliva 3) bruxism