CC Nov 2017 Alcohol abuse screening

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Question Answer
Define unhealthy alcohol use? This is the ____ leading preventable cause of death in the US?1) at-risk drinking or 2) alcohol use disorder 3) third
What is the societal cost of alcohol use disorder in the US per year?$200 billion per year
In 2014, an estimated ___% of adults had an alcohol use disorder?14$
List the conditions associated with excess alcohol use?1) HTN 2) cardiomyopathy 3) esophagitis 4) peptic ulcer disease 5)liver disease
Alcohol is carcinogenic, true or false? If true, list the cancers that are related to alcohol?1) yes 2) breast 2) esophageal 3) laryngeal 4) liver
List the hidden or secondary effects of alcohol dependence /misuse?1) increased levels of violence 2) accidents 3) suicide
True of false? During routine visits, patients may be asked about alcohol consumption as part of a general health screening questionnaire, but most often screening for problem drinking is overlooked?true
What are the barriers to effective assessment and intervention?lack of time in a busy practice
Few patient seek help for alcohol-related problems as their presenting symptom, true or false?true
Routine physical exam and lab work usually do not reveal findings to suggest alcohol use disorder, true or false?true
*** Both the USPSTF and National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recommend routine screening for unhealthy alcohol use using which tests?USPSTF recommends the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) and AUDIT-C
*** Which questionnaire is no longer useful for diagnosing dangerous drinking and is not recommended as a stand-alone screening instrument? Why?1) CAGE questionnaire (cut down, annoyed, guilt, eye opener) 2) because of poor sensitivity in some populations
Many think a single-item screening question may be useful, what is this question? If the question is positive, what further testing can you use? 1) "How many times in the past year have you had x (x = 4 for women, x=5 for men) drinks during one day" 2) The AUDIT screen
The DSM-5 now has a single category of alcohol use disorder (replacing alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence). How many criteria of the 11 need to be present over the last 12 months for diagnosis?2 criteria of the 11
How should alcohol use screening be conducted?in a nonjudgmental way as part of discussions about other "lifestyle" issues like tobacco use, diet and exercise
What is the aim of the alcohol use screening?to educate patients about the role of alcohol in their general health and as a risk fx for preventable illness
Patients who drink alcohol and have negative screening results should be counseled about what?continued moderation in alcohol use
Patients who drink alcohol and have positive screening results should have what done?should undergo further evaluation for alcohol use disorder and other alcohol-releated conditions and be offered appropriate treatment
*** The USPSTF found what type of counseling to have moderate effectiveness in treating alcohol disorder in primary care?behavioral counseling
Under the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, USPSTF recommendations for screening and counseling with a rating of "A" or "B" should be covered services by all insurance carriers, true or false?true
List the 11 DSM-5 Criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder?1) alcohol is used in larger amounts or for larger than intended 2) persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control alcohol use 3) great deal of time spent obtaining, using or recovering from alcohol use 4) craving or strong desire to use alcohol 5) failure to fulfill major obligations due to its used 6) continued use despite problems caused or exacerbated by alcohol use 8) recurrent use in physically hazardous situations 9) continued use despite knowledge of physical or psychological problems that are caused or exacerbated by alcohol use 10) development of tolerance 11) withdrawal symptoms
Of the above DSM-5 criteria, how many symptoms must be present to label mild, moderate, severe?Mild = 2-4 symptoms ; Moderate = 4-5 symptoms; Severe 6+ symptoms
*** SUMMARY = Unhealthy alcohol use is the _____ leading preventable course of death in the US and affects about ___% of the population?1) third 2) 14%
*** SUMMARY = Both the USPSTF and NIAAA recommend routine screening for unhealthy alcohol use, true or falsetrue
*** SUMMARY = The USPSTF recommends what 2 questionnaires for the alcohol abuse screening?1) AUDIT (Alcohol use disorders identification test) 2) AUDIT-C