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What is a E-cigarette?it is an electronic device in which liquid nicotine is heated into an aerosol or "vapor" to deliver nicotine to the user
What is another name for a E-cigarette?ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery systems)
What are often added to the nicotine liquid to enhance its taste?flavors
What agent long used in theater smoke machines may be added to provide the "smoke"?propylene glycol
The amount of nicotine delivered depends on what 3 things?1) the concentration of the nicotine in the liquid 2) the battery life of the device used to heat the liquid 3) the time the individual is exposed to the vapor
In the past, what often limited nicotine exposure?battery life
With newer devices with extended battery life and higher nicotine concentration, what is allowed?greater nicotine exposure
In general, the amount of nicotine delivery by an ENDS over a 5 minute inhalation session is ____ (less vs. more) than that from smoking a cigarette for 5 minutes, but newer devices make longer and more concentrated "vapor" sessions possible?less
In 2016, the FDA finalized what rule?it extends its regulatory authority to include ENDS as well as pipe tobacco, cigars and hookahs (water pipes)
Because ENDS do not contain _____, many people consider them a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes?tobacco
Strong evidence is lacking regarding the safety of e-cigarettes, what are the concerns?1) possible inhaled particulates 2) possible cytotoxic effects 3) possible nephrotoxic effects 4) concerns regarding the effects from inhaling flavoring and chemicals long term
True or false? The long-term effects of nicotine alone are not well known?true
List the short-term effects of nicotine?1) tachycardia 2) hypertension 3) agitation 4) bradycardia 5) dysrhythmia 6) seizures 7) hypotension with toxic exposure
Does the American Medical Association (AMA) or the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking?no
True or false? There is also concern that e-cigarettes may make smoking tobacco use more socially acceptable rather than reduce or eliminate nicotine use?true
Why did the FDA in May 2016 rule that ENDS cannot be sold to persons < 18 years of age?1) due to health effects above 2) addiction to nicotine
Because e-cigarettes primarily deliver nicotine, there is increasing interest in ENDS used in ____ ____?smoking cessation
Has the FDA approved ENDS as a nicotine replacement in the management of smoking cessation?no
ENDS manufacturers imply benefit in smoking cessation, however 2 randomized, controlled trials that suggested that ENDS may aid with smoking cessation were of ____ quality?low
*** One recent meta-analysis found that as currently used, e-cigarettes are associated with significantly ____ (less vs more) quitting among smokers?less
A 2016 systematic reviewe found that while the majority of studies showed some benefit for smoking cessation, the results were considered inclusive, why?because of the low quality of the evidence
There is some evidence that ENDS can help decrease _____ associated with smoking cessation, primarily with what?1) cravings 2) high-nicotine concentrations and more intensive use
At the present time, is there any evidence that ENDS are more effective than other nicotine replacement products for smoking cessation?no
Concern also exists in reports of children being poisoned, how?when they consumed their parents' e-cigarette solution
What, in the nicotine solution, when vaporized may cause airway irritation and inflammation, aggravating asthma?propylene glycol and other impurities
*** SUMMARY = What FDA ruling in May 2016 came as a result of concerns about young people using e-cigarettes?these devices cannot be sold to persons under 18 years of age
*** SUMMARY = Currently, has the FDA recommended e-cigarettes as a nicotine replacement in the management of smoking cessation?no