CC Nov 2015 Driver 23 (Miscellaneous licensing information)

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If you lost your DL, what can you do? 1) complete Driver License or Identification Card Application
If you are a minor, your parents or guardian must sign the DL44 form,true or false?true
What happens to the previous DL after the replacement DL is issued?it gets destroyed
When you legally change your name because of marriage, be sure to change your name with whom before coming to the DMV?Social Security Administration
What to bring for the name change?1) DL 2) marriage certificate 3)complete DL 44 form 5) pay fee 6) DMV will electronically verify your name, birthday and SSN
Renewal letters are sent ___ months prior to expiration of your DL?2
If no renewal notice received, do what?go online or call to make an appt to renew your DL
Qualified drivers may be eligible to renew their DL online, true or false?true
The DMV may issue a DL for ____ years?5
DL expires on your birthday in the year shown. Is it against the law to drive with an expired DL?yes
If the DMV can't confirm your identity, you will not be issued a _______ DL? temporary
If you have not received 2 consecutive 5 year driver license extensions, can you be eligible to renew by mail, internet or telephone with out taking the law test if what is present?1) your current DL expires before the age of 70 2) you do not have a probationary DL 3) you do not have a probability DL 3) you hae not violated a written promise to appear in court or to pay a fine w/in the last 2 years 4) you are not suspended for drinking illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration or refusing / failing to complete a court or to pay a fine w/in the last 2 years 4) you are not suspended for drinking with an illegal BLOOD ALCOHL CONCENTRATION (BAC) level, or refusing or failure to complete a chemical or preliminary alcohol screeing test w/in the last 2 years 5) you do not have a total violation point count greater than one point
If you renew by phone, you must have what number?RIN (Renewal Identification Number)
*** What can you request if you plan to be away from California (up to 1 year)? What must you provide? What drivers are not eligible for this?1)a free one-year extension before your DL expires. Mail request to DMV, PO BOx 942890, Sacramento, CA 94290-0001 2) name, DL number, birth date, CA residence address, out-of-state address 3) limited term drivers
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What must you always have with you when you drive?your DL
What should you do if a peace officer asks to see the DL?show it to him
What must you do if you are in a collision?show your DL to the other driver
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How many days do you have to give the DMV your new address when you move?10
Is there a fee to change your address?no
What ways can you notify the DMV of your address change?1) OR 2) download a Change of Address (DMV 14) form and mail it to the address on the form OR 3) call DMV at 1-800-777-0133 and request a DMV 14 form be mailed to you
Is a new driver license or identification card issued when you change your address?no
What else should you do in way of carrying the new address around with you?type or write your new address on a small piece of paper and carry it (don't tape or staple) with your DL or ID card
What will the DMV give you to carry with your DL and ID card if you change your address at a field office?a Change of Address Card (DL 43)
Even though the US Postal Service will forward your DMV correspondence, it is your responsibility to ensure what?that the DMV has your correct mailing address on record
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What is the minimum vision standard?20/40
What form will be given to you to take to your vision specialist if you do not hit the minimum vision standard?Report of Vision Exam (DL 62)
What will the DMV give you if your vision is not worse than 20/70?a 30 day temporary DL to allow time to have your vision checked
What number should you call to obtain a Medical Information Card (DL 390)? 1-800-777-0133
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What will be listed on this card?blood type, allergies, name of physician and medical information
The Medical Information card is carried with what?DL/ID card
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What are your options?1) check yes to adding your name to the donor registry OR 2) asking for more information
How much can you donate as a voluntary contribution?$2
Who must also authorize the donation if you are between 13-18 y.o.?parents or legal guardians
What web site should you visit for more information of the donor registry, adding restrictions to your gift and the donation process? or call 1-866-797-2366
When you do what, will you get a pink dot on your DL/ID card?check "YES" add my name to the donor registry box on the DL or ID application form
What is available: if one has served in the US military, contact CalVet Connect Program or check veteran's benefit on application form (DL 44) to see what benefits are available to you ( or on DMV's web site
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What benefits may be available for the Vet?employment, housing, education, health care services
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How many days will your car be impounded if you let a person (or employ a person) who is unlicensed or whose driving privilege has been suspended drive your car?30
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Who is exempt from CA DL requirements?nonresidents with a valid diplomatic DL (issued by the US Department of State)
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Who may get a ID card?eligible persons of any age
What requirements should you submit to get an original ID card?1) birth date / legal presence verification documents 2) provide SSN
How many years is the ID card valid for?until the 6th birthday after the issue date
How can you reduce the ID card fee?if you meet certain income requirements for specific public assistance programs (refer to Requirements for a California Identification card (FFDL 6) Fast Facts brochure
Which organizations determine whether a person meets the requirements for a reduced ID card?governmental or non-profit orgnaizations
What age may you get a FREE senior citizen ID card? How many years is it good for?62; 10
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Drivers with P & M conditions may need to be re-examined by a doctor or retested by the DMV more often than every ____ years to obtain what type of DL?5; limited-term DL
What ID card can a P & M driver who no longer is able to drive safely exchange his DL for?a non-fee ID card
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How many days before the expiration of the current ID card will the DMV send a Renewal by Mail or Internet notice?60
Can reduced-fee ID cards be renewed by mail or internet?no
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What are the 2 options when you are learning to drive to seek qualified instruction?1) high school 2) state license professional driving school
Comment on the qualifying standards required to be met by professional driving schools?rigid
What must professional driving schools carry?1) liability insurance 2) hold a bond 3) maintain complete records for the DMV inspection 4) vehicles are subject to annual inspection
How often (in years) must a professional driving school instructor take a written exam or show proof of continuing education in the traffic safety field?3
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What is the mature driver program?it is a 8 hour course for drivers > 55 y.o. available from the DMV approved course providers that covers a variety of topics of special interest to the mature driver
What may the insurance companies offer you if you complete the class and receive a completion certificate?discounts
How long is the certificate valid? 3 years
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What is required to renew the certificate?completing a 4- hour course
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What should pedestrians (including joggers) be aware of?traffic conditions
Whom should a pedestrian watch out for before assuming that he has the right of way when crossing a street?drivers
What must a pedestrian be aware of regarding hybrid and electric vehicles?that they are silent when running on electric power and you may not hear it approaching an intersection
When should pedestrians yield the right-of-way to vehicles?1) when the pedestrian crosses a street between intersections 2) and in areas with no pedestrian crosswalks or signals
Does making eye-contact with a driver mean the driver will yield the right-of-way?no
Even though a pedestrian is at a crosswalk, what should he not suddenly do?leave a curb or safe place and walk or run into the path of a vehicle close enough to be a danger to the pedestrian
Explain why the law will not prevent a pedestrian from being hit?the law states that drivers must always yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian, but if the driver cannot stop in time to avoid hitting you
What must a pedestrian do to avoid becoming a hazard to vehicles or other pedestrians?1) avoid distractions like mobile phones or electronic devices 2) be aware of your surroundings at ALL times
What must you obey even though there are no pedestrian signal lights or traffic lights?obey pedestrian rules
*** What are drivers required to do at an intersection where traffic is not controlled by signals?yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within any unmarked or marked cross walk
When at an intersection and a signal first changes to green, or "WALK", what 2 things should a pedestrian do?1) look left, right and then left again 2) yield the right-of-way to any vehicle in the intersection before the traffic signal changes
Can a pedestrian continue across the street if the signal starts to blink or changes to "DON'T WALK" or to an upraised hand after the pedestrian has gone part way across a divided street?yes
What must a pedestrian not do when crossing a street?stop or delay traffic unnecessarily
What is the rule for pedestrians whether they can walk on toll bridges or highway crossing?no they can't unless there is a sidewalk and signs that pedestrian traffic is permitted
Can a pedestrian walk or jog on a freeway when signs tell them pedestrians are not allowed?no
Should a pedestrian walk facing oncoming traffic if there are no sidewalks?yes
Can a pedestrian walk or jog on a bike lane if there is a sidewalk available?no (but if there is no sidewalk they can use the bike lane)