CC Nov 2015 Driver 18 (the CA DL)

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CA residents driving on pulbic highways or using public parking facilities must have a CA DL unless they are?1) an officer or employee of the US government operating a vehicle owned or controlled by the US government on federal business, except when operating a commercial motor vehicle 2) driving or operating implements of husbandry not operated or moved over the highway 3) driving or operating an off-high-way vehicle across the highway
If you are out-of-state on active military duty and have a valid CA DL, you and your spouse's CA DL will be valid how long?for the full time you are absent from CA and for 30 days following your discharge date (if you are honorably discharged outside of CA). Carry both, your DL and discharge or separation documents during those 30 days
What is the form called?Extension of License for Person in Armed Forces card
For nonresident military personnel stationed in CA, what requirements are followed?if you are > 18 y.o. refer to the California residents and Adults Visiting California. Licensees eligible for military extensions should carry documentation from their home state to verify their status to law enforcement
When you become a California resident and you want to drive in CA, you must apply for a CA driver license within ____ days?10
List how residency is established?1) being registered to vote in CA elections 2) paying resident tuition at a CA college or university 3) filing for a home owner's property tax exemption 4) receiving any other privilege or benefit not ordinarily extended to nonresidents
Adults visiting California > 18 yo may drive without getting a CA DL if what is valid?their home state drive DL is valid
Visitors between ___ and ___ y.o. may drive with their home state DL for only ____ days after arriving in CA.?16; 18; 10
After 10 days, they must have what?1) a current California driver license OR 2) Nonresident Minor's Certificate (issued by the DMV) to a minor with proof of financial responsibility