CC Nov 2015 Driver 17 (General Information)

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Are the fees listed in this handbook subject to legislative change?yes
California Legislature has declared that the DL (driver license) and ID (identification) card is the primary identification document in this state, true or false?true
California law requires that all applicants who apply for an original California DL/ID card submit proof of what?legal presence in the US as authorized under federal law
Your true full name as shown on your ____ presence document will appear on your ID / DL card?legal
A California DL shows that you have been given permission by the state to drive on what?public roadways
It is a misdemeanor to drive in CA without a valid ___ ___?drivers license
If you do, what can happen?you will be cited and your vehicle could be impounded and you may have to appear in court
If you do not have ______ actions on your record, you will receive a DL after you pay the application fee, pass knowledge exams, show your physical and mental condition is satisfactory and demonstrate your ability to drive safely?outstanding
If you have what, DMV may require you to take a driving test and provide a statement from your doctor regarding your current health condition?medical condition or a disability
NEW 2015 LAWS:
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Effective January 1, 2015, the definition of Motorized Bicycles or Moped?has increased the maximum gross brake horsepower from < 2 to < than 4 gross brake horsepower.
Effective November 11, 2015, Driver Licenses Veteran Designation? the designation "VETERAN: will be available to be printed on a driver license or identification (DL/ID) card to indicate a person has served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans will provide verification of service from their local County Veterans SErvice Office. The designation can be printed on an original, renal, or duplicate DL/ID card for $5.00 in addition to the cost of the DL/ID card