CC Nov 2015 Driver 16 (Occupant Protection)

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Question Answer
You may not operate a vehicle unless you and all your passengers ____ years or age or older, or children are ___ feet ___ inch tall or taller are wearing seatbelts?8; 4'9
Children younger than ___ years old or who are less then ___feet ___inches are seated in federally-approved child passenger restraint systems?8; 4'9
You may be cited if your passengers and yourself do not have seatbelts, true or false?true
If the passenger is under ___ years of age, you may be cited if he or she is not wearing their seatbelts? 16
Should you use seatbelts even though your vehicle has air bags?yes
Even though you only wear a lap belt, your chances of living through a collision are _____ as high as someone who does not wear a lap belt?twice
If you wear a lap and shoulder belt, your chance are _________ to _________ times higher to live through a collision?3 to 4
Pregnant women should wear the lap belt how? shoulder strap?as los as possible under the abdomen and the shoulder strap should be placed between the breasts and to the side of the abdomen bulge
Lap only belts increase the change of what type of injuries especially in children?spinal column and abdominal injuries
Myth: Seatbelts can trap you inside a vehicle?Truth: it actually takes less than a second to take off a seat belt. A seat belt may keep you from getting "knocked out" and give you a chance to escape
Myth: Seatbelts are good on long trips but I don't need them when I am driving around town?Truth: more than 1/2 of all traffic deaths happen w/in 25 miles of home. Do not take the chance. Buckle up every time you drive regardless of travel distance
Myth: Some people are thrown from a vehicle in a crash and walk away with hardly a scratch?Truth: your chances of surviving a collision are 5 times better if on impact you are NOT thrown from the vehicle. A seatbelt may keep you from being thrown into the path of another vehicle
Myth: I'm only going to the store. My little brother or sister doesn't need to be secured in a safety seat"?Truth: car collisions are the number one preventable cause of death for children. Law requires children < 8 y.o. who are 4 ft 9 inches tall or taller be properly secured as well as those < 8 y.o and < 4 ft 9"
If you are struck from the side, the impact could push you where?back and forth across the seat
When you collide, your vehicle stops but you keep going at the ____ speed you were traveling until you hit the windshield or dashboard?same
At 30 miles per hour, this motion is equivalent to hitting the ground from the top of a ___ story building?3
Question Answer
Any child who is under 8 years old must be secured in what? Where must they ride?a federally approved child passenger restraint system; in the back seat of the vehicle
Exception: a child who is under 8 years old but at least 4 feet 9 inches tall may do use what?a properly secured seat belt
A child who is < 8 years old may ride in the front seat of a vehicle under what circumstances?1) there is no rear seat or the rear seats are either side-facing jump seats or rear-facing seats 2) the child passenger restraint system cannot be properly installed in the back seat 3) all rear seats are already occupied by children under the age of 7 4) a medical reason requires the child to ride in the front seat
A child may not ride in the front seat of an airbag-equipped vehicle if the child?1) is < than one year old 2) weighs < 20 lbs 3) is riding in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system
Children 8 years and older but under 16 years of age must be in what?secured with an appropriate seatbelt
Proper child passenger restrain system installation can be checked by contacting whom (as well as the child grows check with these agencies)?1) local law enforcement agencies 2) fire departments 3) child passenger safety technicians
Question Answer
An air bag needs about ____ inches of space to inflate. Ride at least ___- inches (measured from center of steering wheel to your breast bone from the air bag cover if you can still maintain full control of the vehicle?10; 10
If you can't sit 10 inches away from the air bag, do what?contact your vehicle dealer or manufacturer for advice about additional ways to move back from your airbag?
Passengers should sit at least ___ inches away from the passenger side air bags?10
Question Answer
Side impact air bags provide extra safety to adults, but what can happen to children who sit next to a side air bag?risk of serious or fatal injury
Children who are leaning against a side air bag when it inflates are at risk of what?serious injury
Those children who are in correctly installed child restrain systems, are they at risk for serious injury from side air bags?no
Question Answer
It is illegal to leave a child ___ years or younger unattended in a motor vehicle?6
The child may be left under the supervision of a person ___ years of age or older?12
Court may fine a violator and require him to attend what?community education programs
DMV and court penalties for leaving an unattended child in a vehicle are more sever if what?the child is injured, requires emergency medical services or dies
It is against the law to leave unattended minor children in a vehicle. After sitting in the sun (window slightly opened), the temp can rapidly in the vehicle. The temp can rise about ___ to ___ degrees higher than the outside temp? 40; 50
Question Answer
What can result from overexposure to heat?dehydration, heatstroke, death