CC Nov 2015 Driver 12 (Alcohol and Drugs)

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Question Answer
What do alcohol and drugs do to your judgement?impair
Imparied judgment affects what?how you react to sounds and what you see
Is it also dangerous to walk in traffic or ride a bike while under the influence of alcohol and drugs?yes
Much of what has been said about alcohol also applies to ______?drugs
California's drunk driving law is also a _____ driving law?drugged
The above law refers to what?driving under the influence of alcohol AND/OR drugs
What can an officer legally require you to do if he thinks you are under the influence of drugs?take a blood or urine test
What happens to those who refuse to take the urine or blood test?they are subject to longer driver license suspensions or revocations
True or false? The use of any drug (the law does not distinguish between prescription, OTC or illegal drugs) which ipairs your ability to drive safely is ILLEGAL?true
Most drugs taken for colds, hay fever, allergy, or to calm nerves or muscles can make a person _____?drowsy
Meds taken together or used with _____ can be dangerous. Many drugs have unexpected ____ ____ when taken with alcohol?alcohol; side effects
Pep pills, "uppers" and diet pills can make a driver alert for a short time but later what happens?can make a person nervous, dizzy and not able to concentrate and affect their vision
True or false? Any drug that causes drowsiness or dizzines is one you should NOT take before driving?true
The law is very strick about carrying alcohol or drugs in a vehicle, what are the rules?1) you must not drink any amount of alcohol in any vehicle 2) a container of liquor, beer or wine carried inside a vehicle must be full, sealed and unopened 3) if it is opened, it must be kept in the trunk of the vehicle or in a place passengers do not sit 4) keeping an opened alcoholic drink in the glove compartment is againsst the law 5) in a bus, taxi, camper or motor home, this law does not apply to non-driving passengers
If you are under 21 years of age, you may not carry liquor, beer or wine inside a vehicle unless you are what?accompanied by a parent or other person as specified by law and the container is full, sealed and unopened
If you are under 21 years of age and you are caught with an alcoholic beverage in your vehicle, the vehicle may be impounded up to ____ days. The court ay fine you for up to $________ and either suspend your driving preivilege for ____ year OR require the DMV to delay what?1) 30 2) $1000 3) one 4) delay the issuance of your first driver license for up to one year if your are not already licensed
If you are under 21 years of age, your driving privilege will be revoked for one year if your BAC is what % or higher?yourr blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.01% or higher OR Driving under the influence (DUI)
If your BAC is 0.01% or higher or you are driving under the influence, what happens on your first offense? subsequent offenses?1) complete a license DUI program 2) require a longer DUI program and ill not have a restricted driver license to attend the DUI program
Exception to the rule of carrying alcoholic beverages in a vehicle?you may carry alcoholic beverages in closed containers while working for someon with an off-site liquour state ilcense
It is illegal to drive after consumption of excessive amounts of _____ in any form (including meds such as cough syrups), or take any drug (including prescription meds) or using any combination of alcohol or drugs that impairs your ability to drive?alcohol
It is illegal for any person to operate a vehicle with a BAC of ____% or higher if the person is age 21 or older?0.08%
It is illegal for any person to operate a vehicle with a BAC of ____% or higher if the person is under 21?0.01%
BAC of 0.01 % or higher at any age (if the person is on a Driving Under the influence (DUI) probation?0.01%
It is illegal for any person to operate a vehicle with a BAC of _____% or higher, in any vehicle requiring a commercial driver license (CDL) - with or without a CDL issued to the driver?0.04%
The DMV can take an administrative action against your driving prilege after you are detained or arrested for a ____?DUI
The court may take a separate action for the same offense. DMV's action is related to what? The court's action is related to what?1) your driving privilege 2) involving a fine, jail time, delya of the driver license and completion of a DUI program
*** When notified of a DUI conviction by the court, the DMV may do what?take additional action to suspend or revoke your driving privilege
Similar provisions (California Harbors and Navigation Code apply when you operate what?any vessel, aqua-plane, jet skis, water skis or similar devices
These convictions are placed on what record and will be used by the court to determine " ____ ____" for motor vehicle DUI sentencing?1) driving 2) prior convictions
These convictions are also used for what?1) determining the length of a suspension or recvocation action OR 2) reinstatement requirements
When you drive in California, you consent to have what if you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination of both?breath, blood or urine testing
If arrested, the officer can do what?1) take your driver license 2) issue you a temporary driver license for 30 days 3) give you an order of suspension
You may request a DMV administrative hearing within ____ days?10
Do you have a right to consult with a lawyer before completing the tests?no
If your BAC is 0.08% or higher, the peace officer may do what to you?arrest you
If the officer reasonably believes you are under the combined influence of alcohol and drugs,, adn you have already sumitted a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) and /or breath test, you may still be required to do what? why?submit a blood or urine test because the breath test does not detect the presence of drugs
If you are under 21 years of age, you must submit to what testing?a hand-held breath test, PAS (preliminary alcohol Screening), or other chemical tests
If your BAC measures ____ % or higher on the PAS, you may be suspended for ____ year(s)?0.01%; one
If your PAS (preliminary alcohol screening) shows a BAC of ____%, the officer may require you to submit to eaither a breath or blood test?0.05%
If the subsequent test reveals a BAC of ____% of higher, the officer will issue you an order of suspension and arrest you for DUi?0.05%
If you are convicted of DUI of either alcohol or drugs or both and you have an excessive BAC level, you may be sentenced to serve up to ____ months in jail and pay a fine between $____ and $_____(lus about 3 times the fine in penalty assessments, the first time you are convicted. Your vehicle may be impounded and is subject to storage fees?6; $390; $1000
On the first conviction your driving privilege will be suspended for ____ months and you will be required to complete what and pay all fees before your drivers license can be reinstated?1) 6 months 2) complete a DUI progream, file a California Insurance Proof Certificate
If your BAC is 0.15% or higher, and you already have a records of violations for other reasons OR you refuse to submit to a chemical test, the court may order you a ____ month or longer program?6
If your BAC is 0.20% or higher and the court refers you to an enhanced DUI treatment program, your drivers license will be suspended for ___ days?10
You may also be required to install an IID on your vehicle, what is this?Ignition interlock device
What is an IID? it prevents you from starting your vehicle if you have any alcohol on your breath.
If anyone is injured as a result of your DUI, the suspension period is ____ year?1
Effective 7-1-2010 through 12-31-15, all first time and repeat DUI offenders convicted in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacromento or Tulare Counties, are required to install and maintain what? IID (ignition interlock device) on all vehicles they own and operate and pay a $45 administrative service fee to reinstate their driving privileges
In cases involving serious injury or death, you may face ____ lawsuits. All DUI convictions will remain on the DMV's records for ___ years?civil; 10
The courts and the DMV may ipose more stringent penalties for subsequent violations during that period, true or false?true
Does a BAC below legal limits mean that you are safe to drive?it may not because the impairment you exhibit at teh time you are stopped may be enough to convict you of a DUI as all drivers show impairment by alcohol at levels lowert han legal limit
The completion of a ___ program is required for all DUI convictions?DUI
Generally, if you are over 21 years of age, enroll in a ____ program, file a ______, and pay the restriction and reissue fees, the DMV will issue you a restricted driver license (unless you hold a commercial driver license)??1) DUI 2)file a California Insurance Proof Certificate
First DUI convictions are allowed a license that restricts you to what?to driving to and from work and during the course of employment and to/from a DUI program
If you are considered a traffic safety or public safety risk, the court amy order the DMV To do what?to not grant you a restricted drivers license or the issuance of a restricted drivers licnse
Commercial drivers are disqualified for one year and cannot obtain a restricted driver license without doing what?downgrading to a non-commercial license
Second and subsequent DUI convictions result in ____ penalties, including a ___ year suspension or a revocation of up to ____ years1) increased 2)one 3) four
After you complete a prescribed period of your suspension / revocation and either enroll in, or complete a portion of, a DUI program, you may obtain a restricted driver liense to drive anywhere necessary if you do 5 things?1) install an IID on your vehicle 2) agree not to drive any vehicle without a IID 3) agree to complete the prescribed DUI program 4) file an SR 22 5) pay the reissue and restriction fees
What is the designated driver program?it is an anit-driving under the influence (DUI) effort that works. This program encourages one individual to abstain from consuming alocholi beverages during an outing, so he or she can be responsible for transporting other persons safely.
To participate as a designated drive, an individual ?1)should be at least 21 years old 2) must be part of a group of two or more persons and verbally identfy himself or herself as the designated driver to the server 3) must abstain from consumming alcoholic beverages for the duration of the outing 4) must not be an otherwise impaired driver 5) must understand that management reserves the rgith to refuse service to anyone at any time