CC May 2016 Return to Play After Concussion

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Question Answer
Define concussion?a disturbance in brain function caused by either direct or indirect force to the head
Is physical contact to the head necessary?no
Is loss of consciousness required to dx concussion?no
Are there any abnormalities seen on neuroimaging in concussion patients?no
Concussion typically result in _____ onset of short-lived neurological impairments that spontaneously resolve, although this resolution usually follows a _______ course, it may not do so?rapid; sequential
*** Should an athlete who has suffered a concussion be allowed to return to play on the same day of the injury?no
What syndrome may occur if the an athlete who has not fully recovered from one concussion receives another, resulting in cerebral edema, coma and death?"second impact syndrome"
Why is the second impact syndrome controversial?the incidence is not higher in boxers (who would theoretically be at higher risk) and reported cases have had inadequate documentation of a second impact and /or cerebral pathology
Symptoms of concussion usually last < ____ hours and a majority of concussions completely resolve within ___ to ___ days?72; 7; 10
In what individuals may symptoms take longer to resolve in children, adolescents and what individuals?those who have previously had a concussion
Is recovery prolonged if the patient has had a brief loss of conciousness and convulsions immediately after an injury?no
Treatment?placed on complete rest like cognitive (no text messages, video games, television or school work) and physical
*** Individuals should not be allowed to return to activity or play until what happens?patient is asymptomatic off medications
When symptoms of concussion have improved, patients may transition to school, keeping in mind what?that informal or formal modifications of home work and class work may be needed (i.e. shortened day, avoidance of physical education class, additonal time for tasks)
Once patients have succesfully returnt o school both symptom and medication - free, what program may be initiated?a program to return the student to sports activity
Return to sports is done via a _____ return-to-play?graded
Give an example of graded return-to-play?athletes must progress through the following steps 1) nonimpact aerobic exercise 2) sport-specific exercise 3) noncontact training drills 4) full contact practices 5) return to normal play
If they are asymptomatic at a given step for ____ hours, then they can progress to the next step?24
If any symptoms of concussion develop, what should be done in the graded return-to-play program?stop all activity immediately
After ____ hours without symptoms, the patient may resume the protocol but at the last step where they were asymptomatic?24
*** SUMMARY = Is neuroimaging indicated in the evaluation of uncomplicated concussion? When is it used?1) no 2) in severe injury
*** SUMMARY = Should athletes return to play ont he same day of sustaining a concussion?no
*** SUMMARY = A longer, more _______ protocol should be considered in managing concussion in children?conservative