CC May 2016 Non-medical use of Opioids

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Question Answer
True or false? Nonmedical use of prescription opioid drugs is a persistent problem in the US?true
While some studies have suggested a slight reduction in misuse and diversion since the introduction of _______ versions of oral opioid medications, the number of affected individuals remains significant?reformulated extended-release
There has been a coincident increase in what illicit drug?heroin
A recent survey of aduls in the US between the ages of 18 and 64 of age found increased rates of opioid _____ with prescripton medications?disorder
This increase was accompanied by an increase in accidental ____ due to overdose?death
More than _____ deaths were attributed to prescription opioids in 2010?16,000
What can providers do to reduce the risk of abuse for prescription opioids?a comprehensive assessment for risk factors for prescription drug abuse should be completed prior to providing an opioid drug prescription
What web sites are available and simple to administer?1) 2) Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST - 10)
*** Prescirption opioid use disorder shares many of the risk factors found in _____ and other drug use disorders, including personal use or a family history of alcohol or drug abuse? This risk fx has been shown to be the most significant predictor of abuse potential?alcohol
What gender in the young appear to be at higher risk?men
Heavy smokers with nicotine dependence also appear to share a _______-substance risk to opioid use disorder?cross
What disorder, which has an increased rate of substance abuse, may also be linked to higher risk for prescription opioid use disorders?psychiatric
Patients with what 3 disords need additional attention and monitoring?1) anxiety 2) antisocial personality 3) mood disorders
There are no known links between opioid use disorders adn any specific medical conditions, but _______ is frequently tought to be an associated risk for dependency and misuse?CNCP (chronic non-cancer pain)
Opioids should be prescribed for ____ pain at the lowest dose for the _____ period possible?acute; shortest
Higher doses and/or prolonged duration of opioid drug use increases the risk of developing what?1) psychological dependence 2) physiological dependence
Use of what type of pain medication as supplementation to lower-dose opioids can augment the analgesic effect?non-opioid
Some states have developed controlled substance ________ to allow providers to determin if patients are doctor shopping or lying about multiple sources for opioid prescription drugs?databases
Statistics suggest that a trend towards a reduction in ______ and ______ is being recognized in those states?1) diversion 2) misuse of opioids
What 2 interventions provide pathways to recovery?1) psychological interventions 2) pharmacotherapy-based treatments
What combination drug can provide relief from the withdrawal and craving associated with discontinuing opioids?buprenorphine / naltrexone (Suboxone)
What is one goal in health care law that needs to be changed?needs to facilitate the development of better access to these forms of recovery programs (there is a shortage of addiction professions and family providers can be trained and certified to use Suboxone)
***SUMMARY: What is the most significant risk fx for opioid misuse, dependency and diversion?family or persional hx of substance abuse
*** SUMMARY = Mortality rates from opioid use are increasing related to what?non-medical use of prescription opioids and heroin
*** SUMMARY = List the 3 team members that are part of a therapeutic approach that offers the best chance for recovery?1) primary care physicians 2) addiction specialist 3) psychotherapeutic specialists