CC May 2016 Acute Opioid Intoxication

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Question Answer
Dx of an overdose of heroin or any opioid requires a high index of _________ on the part of medical personnel?suspicion
Define acute opioid intoxication?is a clinical diagnosis made by a thorough physical exam with lab testing helping to r/o coexistent problems
In a case of an unresponsive patient, do what?1) CAB (circulation, airway, breathing) format 2) once pt is stable, perform a more detailed exam to look for s/s of acute heroin/opioid intoxication
*** The classic findings of acute opioid intoxication?1) miosis 2) depressed mentation 3) respiratory depression (bradypnea and decreased tidal volume) 4) bowel sounds hypoactive 5) body temperature may be normal, elevated or low depending on environmental conditions 6) level of obtundation or the presence of infection
List chronic drug use?1) needle marks 2) nasal septum perforation (from chronic intranasal cocaine use) 3) cardiac murmurs (a manfestation of endocarditis which is a frequent complication of chronic IV drug use) 4) soft tissue abscesses