CC March 2017 Localized prostate cancer

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Question Answer
What does the USPSTF recommend about prostate cancer screening?recommends against PSA-based screening for prostate CA (grade D)
What does the AUA (American Urologic Association) recommend?makes age-specific recommendations, including recommendation for SHARED decision making for men between 55-69 y.o.
What does the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommend?supports discussion of screening for men who may be at higher risk (AA men, those w/ positive family hx) and also for average risk men > 50 y.o. with life expectancy > 10 years
Both the AUA and ACS state that if screening is considered, what is necessary?shared decision making
What does the AAFP recommend?it concurs with USPSTF
Is there wide-spread public awareness of the availability of PSA based screening for prostate cancer?yes