CC March 2017 Hair Loss in Women

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Question Answer
What is alopecia?hair loss
How many inches does normal scalp hair grow per year? Per day?1) 6 inches per year 2)0.3-0.4 mm per day
How many hairs does the scalp shed per day (more shedding if hair is shampooed)?100
The pattern hair growth is _____, with individual hairs passing through 3 growth phases at _____ times?random; random
List 3 hair growth phases?1) Anagen 2) Catagen, or transitional 3) Telogen (resting) phase
Define Anagen phase?1) actively growing phase 2) lasts 3 years 3) involves 85-90% of all scalp hairs at any given time
Define Catagen, or transitional?1) follicular undergoes regression 2) involves 2-3% of all scalp hair
Define Telogen (resting) phase?1) usually lasts 3 months 2) involves 10-15% of all scalp hairs 3) after Telogen, the hair is ejected and either a new hair replaces it or the follicle is lost
What questions to ask in evaluation of hair loss?1) History (Onset - gradual or abrupt; Pattern - patchy or diffuse; Areas involved - solely the scalp or other areas. Past, family, social history (fm hx of hair loss; fm hx of medical conditions) 3. Personal hx: diet and weight loss, medical conditions, medications and exposure, 4) physical exam (pattern of loss; presence or absence of inflammation or erythema; presence or absces of scarring)