CC March 2017 Deviated nasal septum

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Question Answer
What does the nasal septum divide?the right and left nasal cavities
What is the anterior septum composed of? What is the anterior septum associated with?1) cartilage 2) significant number of blood vessels
What is the posterior bony setum formed by?four different bones (perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone, the vomer, the nasal crest of the maxilla and palatine
Define deviated septum?refers to any shift of the septum away from the midline
The majority of people have some degree of diviation, although most are asymptomatic, true or false?true
What is the cause of congenital deviated septum, which is uncommon except when associated with what?1) abnormal fusion of the bony septum 2) cleft lip or cleft palate
Typical development shows the bony part of the nasal septum develops in the midline plane until the age of _____? then it deviates to one side, more typically to the ______?7 ; right
What is the most common cause of deviated septum, including what 5 other causes?1) trauma 2) accidents, birth trauma, sports injuries, fighting and domestic violence
Previous ________ may also result in deviation of the septum?rhinoplasty
List the symptoms of severe deviation?1) unilateral nasal congestion 2) chronic sinusitis 3) snoring 4) facial pain 5) nosebleeds 6) headache
*** The American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery recommends imaging with what or what procedure in patients with chronic sinusitis to evaluate for deviated septum as a potential cause?1) CT 2) endoscopy
There is some evidence that _____ observation provides more information about the mucosa and position of the cartilaginous septum than what imaging?1) direct 2) radiographic
*** If chronic nasal obstruction is present in patients with septal deviation, it is reasonable to assess and treat what?associated conditions
Allergic rhinitis may contribute to obstruction and when controlled with first-line therapy of what medications, the obstruction may be relieved?nasal steroids
If polyps are noted, what can reduce obstructive symptoms?removal by an ENT
If medical treatment fails, what may need to be done?surgery
Patients with septal deviation due to recent trauma should be referred for what PROMPTLY (7-10 days)?surgical correction
What is the usual procedure for correction of longstanding symptomatic septal deviation?Septoplasty
What are the complications of a septoplasty?1) hematoma 2) infection
Post-surgical improvement in obstructive symptoms is estimated to be about ____% and should be considered when standard medical therapy fails?70
*** SUMMARY = Deviated nasal septum should be considered when evaluating for what 2 conditions?chronic sinusitis or nasal congestion
*** SUMMARY = What should be used as first-line therapy?medication therapy with intranasal steroids
*** SUMMARY = Patients with septal deviation due to recent trauma should be referred for surgical correction _____?promptly