CC March 2016 Screening for COPD

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Question Answer
COPD is the ____ leading cause of death in the US?4th
COPD is more common in current and past ____ _____?tobacco smokers
Prevalence increases with ______, affecting ___% of those 50-59 years of age and ____% of those 70-74 years of age?age; 2.6%; 4.2%
COPD is a chronic, progressive disease that leads to significant _____,_____, and healthcare expenditures?morbidity; mortality
***What is the US Preventive Services Task Forces recommendations recommendation in screening asymptomatic individuals for COPD using spirometry regardless of smoking hx?recommend against screening of these asymptomatic individuals
What are the recommendations for lung cancer screening?1) using low-dose chest computed tomography (LDCT) 2) recommended for 50-80 y.o. adults with a 30 pack-year smoking hx who currently smoke or quit within the last 15 years
Is there evidence regarding the actual benefits of early COPD diagnosis in asymptomatic persons?little evidence
Studies on the benefits of interventions (pharmacotherapy, pulmonary rehab) show benefit for what type of patients?symptomatic (improved respiratory-related health status)
The actual benefit of pharmacotherapy for asymptomatic persons is far lessclear and must be balanced against the adverse effects, which are?tachycardia, oral candidasis
There is a substantial number of false-positive (overdiagnosis) results in never smokers > ____ years of age?70
What is one of the goals of COPD pharmacotherapy?in preventing exacerbations
There is good evidence of this for symptomatic individuals, although _______ and ____-____ ______ are NOT affected?1) hospitalizations 2) all-cause mortality
Is there evidence in the general asymptomatic population?no
Even if screening were limited to those individuals at high risk for COPD (smokers . 40 years of age), 833 individuals would need to be screened to prevent____ exacerbation?1
Are general hx and physical exam good predictors of COPD?no, they are poor predictors of COPD and therefore are not helpful when determining the need for spirometry
What questions can identify COPD symptoms?specific
All organizations agree that what type of patients whould have spirometry?symptomatic
Counseling all smokers about smoking cessation is important along with what vaccinations?1) yearly influenza 2) pneumococcal vaccine (at age 65 years of age)
While controversial, fair evidence deomnstrates that reviewing obstructive spirometry findings with patients fails to independently improve smoking cessation rates, true or false?true
*** SUMMARY = Is screening asymptomatic individuals for COPD recommended?no
*** SUMMARY = Is there evidence regarding the actual benefits of early COPD dx in asymptomatic persons?little evidence
*** SUMMARY = What are poor predictors of COPD and therfore are not helpful when determining the need for spirometry? What are helpful?1) general hx and PE 2) specific questions identifying COPD symptoms