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CC July 2018 Microscopic hematuria

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Question Answer
Define?by the American Urological Association as the presence of > 3 RBC/HPF on a properly collected urine sample
Can microscopic hematuria be diagnosed with a urine dipstick test?no
Microscopic hematuria may have a urological or nephrological cause and may be due to a benign or malignant etiology, true or false?true
The prevalance varies based upon what?age, gender, presence of risk factors
In one review, the prevalence varied from 2-30% with higher rates seen in men > _____ years who were current or past smokers?60
List the risk factors for malignancy in patients with microscopic hematuria?1) male gender 2) age > 35 y.o. 3) past or current smoker 4) occupational exposure to benzenes or aromatic amines 5) analgesic abuse 6) hx of gross hematuria 7) hx of urological disorders 8) hx of irritative voiding symptoms 9) hx of pelvic irradiation 10) hx of chronic UTIs 11) hx of chronic indwelling foreign body
List the other important historical elements?1) medication hx 2) recent vigorous exercise 3) menstruation 4) medial renal disease 5) recent respiratory infections 6) UTI symptoms 7) trauma and recent instrumentation of the urinary tract
Patients taking anticoagulants should have ______ and ______ evaluation?1) urologic 2) nephrological
A first-morning voided specimen is recommended and a ______-stream collection is preferred for microscopic analysis?mid
All pts should have their renal function evaluated with which 2 lab tests?BUN, creatinine
If RBC casts, proteinuria or other cellular casts or renal insufficiency is present, what evaluation should be done?nephrology
*** The AUA recommends that all patients > ____ y.o. with microscopic hematuria undergo cystoscopy. Those < 35 years may undergo cystoscopy depending upon what?the results of other work-up
If significant risk factors for urinary tract malignance are present, the AUA recommends ______ regardless of patient's age?cystoscopy
All patients w/ microscopic hematuria should undergo imaging of the upper tract with _____ urography with and w/o IV contrast to exclude what?1) CT 2) r/o renal parenchymal masses and evaluate the collection system
If CT is contraindicated, the AUA recommends what imaging?MRI
What is the preferred imaging test during pregnancy?renal US
Are urine cytology studies recommended in the routine evaluation of patients?no
In 2017, a decision-analytic model-based analysis was used to estimate the cost effectiveness of CT alone, cystoscopy alone, CT and cystoscopy and renal US w/ cystoscopy. The combination of what was found to be more cost effective than CT alone or the combination of CT and cystoscopy?renal US and cystoscopy
*** SUMMARY = Microscopic hematuria is defined by the American Urological Association (AUA) as what?the presence of > 3 red blood cells/high power field on a properly collected urine sample
*** SUMMARY = Patients should undergo imaging of the upper tract with what?CT urography w/ and w/o IV contrast
*** SUMMARY = The AUA recommends that all patients > ____ y.o. w/ microscopic hematuria undergo cystoscopy?35