CC July 2017 Low back pain

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Question Answer
____ of 10 people will have LBP in their life time?9
In 2006, the cost for LBP was?$100 billion per year
2/3 of the $100 billion was attributed to what 2 things?1) lost wages 2) reduced productivity
List the 3 categories of LBP with definition?1) acute back pain (lasts < 4 weeks) 2) subacute pain (lasts 4-12 weeks) 3) chronic pain (>12 weeks)
What % of the population with acute back pain will progress to chronic back pain?10%
To dx and treat BLP, what 2 things are needed?1) careful hx 2) PE
List the LBP red flags?1) pain worse at rest or night 2) hx of trauma 3) hx of chronic infection 4) glucocorticoid use 5) age > 70, 6) fever 7) chills 8) weight loss 9) hx of CA 10) symptoms of cauda equina syndrome
List the symptomsof cauda equina syndrome?1) saddle numbness 2) urinary retention 3) fecal incontinence
What should be looked for on physical exam?1) back appearance 2) strength 3) reflexes 4) sensations 5) ROM 6) straight-leg-raising sign
***Is imaging necessary and does it improve clinical outcomes if red flags are absent and the exam is consistent with an acute condition such as muscle strain?no