CC July 2016 Ovarian cysts

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Question Answer
Ovarian cysts are very common, they occur in 1 in _____ women?15
Are most women with ovarian cysts asymptomatic?yes
Women have ___ % to ___% lifetime risk of having surgery for a suspicious adnexal mass?5; 10
Of those undergoing surgery, about ___% to _________% are diagnosed with ovarian cancer?13; 21
List the differential dx for a benign ovarian mass?functional cyst, leiomyoma, endometrioma, tubo-ovarian abscess, ectopic pregnancy, teratoma, cystadenoma, hydrosalpinx
List the differential dx for malignant ovarian mass?germ cell tumor, stromal tumor, epithelial carcinoma
List the nongynecologic etiologies?diverticular abscesses, appendiceal abscesses, urological causes, GI cancers, metastatic cancers
What is the largest risk fx for ovarian cancer? The incidence increases with what part of a women's life?1) age 2) menopause
True or false? Adnexal masses in postmenopausal women are much more likely to be malignant?true
List the other known risk factors for ovarian cancer?1) carriers of BRCA gene 2) mutation 3) women with Lynch syndrome
Which has a higher risk for ovarian cancer, BRCA1 vs BRCA2?BRCA1
The use of oral contraceptives _______ (increases vs. decreases) the risk of ovarian cancer and is dependent on the _______ of use?1) decreases 2) duration
A large study showed that use of oral contraceptives reduced risk of ovarian cancer by _____%?40
Use of oral contraceptives for more than ____ years reduces risk of ovarian cancer by approximately ____%?15; 90
Does pregnancy decrease the risk of ovarian cancer?yes
*** What is the imaging modality of ochoice for evaluating adenexal masses?high-frequency, gray-scale transvaginal US
List the type of cysts in reproductive age women and in postmenopausal which are unlikely clinically significant?1) follicular cysts (unilocular, smooth, thin walled)< 3 cm in reproductive age women and cysts < 1 cm in postmenopausal women are onsidered normal
*** Describe simple cysts?regardless of menopausal status, ovarian cysts that are sonolucent, thin-walled, unilocular, smooth with regular borders and < 10 cm are likely to be benign
True or false?