CC July 2016 Breast cancer

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Question Answer
List the NCC criteria for further genetic evaluation
1) a known mutation in cancer susceptibility gene within the family
2) early-age-onset breast cancer < 50 years of age
3) triple negative (estrogen-receptor negative, progesterone-receptor negative, and human epidermal growth factor-receptor 2 negative) breast cancer diagnosed < 60 years of age
4) two breast cancer primaries in a single individual
5) breast cancer at any age and 1)> 1 close (first-,second-or third-degree relatives) blood relatives with breast cancer < 50 years of age OR 2) > 1 close blood relatives with invasive ovarian cancer at any age OR 3) > 2 close blood relatives with breast cancer and/or pancreatic cancer at any age, OR 4) from a population at increased risk due to founder mutations
6) male breast cancer
7) an individual of Ashkenazi Jewish descent with breast, ovarian or pancreatic cancer at any age
8) an individual with a personal and/or famiy hx of > 3 of the following (especially if early onset and can include multiple primary cancers in the same individuals) = 1) breast cancer 2) pancreatic cancer 3) prostate cancer (Gleason score > 7) 4) melanoma 5) sarcoma 6) adrenocortical carcinoma 7) brain tumors 8) leukemia 9) diffuse gastric cancer 10) colon cancer 11) thyroid cancer 12) kidney cancer 13) concerning dermatologic manifestations associated with Cowden syndrome /PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome or Peutz-Jeghers syndrome or melanoma that has been reported in some BRCA-related families 14) macrocephaly (> 97%, 58 cm in adult women and 60 cm in adult men) 15) hamartomatous polyps of the GI tract
9) an individual with ovarian CA
10) an individual with no personal hx of cancer but with 1) a close (first-, second or third-degree) relative with any of the following = a) a known mutation in a CA susceptibility gene within the family b) > 2 breast CA primaries in a single individual c) > 2 individuals with breast cancer primaries on the same side of the family with at least one diagnosed < age 50 d) ovarian CA e) male breast CA 2) first or second degree relative with breast cancer < 49 years of age