CC July 2016 Breast Cancer in Men

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Question Answer
Male breast cancer accounts for ___ % to ___% of all breast cancers diagnosed each year?0.5; 1
Similar to women, the incidence rates rise steadily with ___?age
Men tend to be about ___ to ____ years older than women at the time of dx?5; 10
What 2 risk factors are well-established for breast cancer in males?1) positive family hx and/or 2) known mutation of BRCA genes (BRCA2 more than BRCA1)
What is the BRCA2 gene?it is a tumor-suppressor gene found on chromosome 13q
Inherited deleterious germ-cell mutations lead to a 7% risk of breast cancer by age ____ in affected men? This is a ____ fold higher than the general male population?70; 100
BRCA mutations are autosomal _______? What is the consequence of this for a breast cancer's male daughter?1) dominant 2) female offspring of these men can inherit them at a frequency of 50%