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Question Answer
Another name?Baker's cyst
Types?Primary or secondary
Location?Posterior medial suspect of the popliteal Ross's near the head of the medial gastrocnemius
Do they originate from within the knee joint capsule??pNo
Are they caused by knee joint pathology?No
Are they less or more common in children?Less common
Etiology?Due to repeated trauma of the bursa related to muscle congfsction
What type of cyst is more common?Secondary cysts
Secondary cysts are more common in what age group?Adults
Secondary cysts communicate with what part of the knee and are a result of what?1) joint space. 2) are a result of sounder lying intros-articulate knee disorder
Secondary cysts may be caused by what three things?1) inflammatory disorders. 2) mechanical disorders. 3) degenerative edisorders
Cysts originates near the _________ bursa with communication to the knee joint?Semimembraneous
There is thought to be a ______- like passage between the semimembraneous bursa and the knee joint that becomes blocked?valve
Presentation?as a mass in the poster medial aspect of the knee
Maybe associated with what?painless knee swelling and activity-induced changes in cyst swelling
Other symptoms?dull aching pain in the posterior knee or calf as well as calf swelling and numbness
Is a palpable mass always present?no
What is required for identification?imaging
These cysts may be asymptomatic and found incidentally on what?physical exam or imaging studies for other purposes
What symptoms occurs when there is rupture of a popliteal cyst?pain and swelling in the calf mimicking a deep venous thrombosis
What is the preferred treatment of an uncomplicated popliteal cyst?conservative treatment to treat the underlying cause
List some complications? How are these managed?1) rupture or enlargement causing nerve entrapment. 2) rest, elevation, analgesics, arthrocentesus, intraarticular glucocortiid injections
What two physical exam tests are consistent with a meniscal injury?positive McMurray and Thessaly tests
What would be the imaging test to r/o a meniscal tear?MRI
What is the most common cause of a popliteal cyst and repair may result in the resolution of the cyst?meniscal injury
What is the mainstay of arthroscopy treatment?surgical correction if the popliteal cyst with restoration of two-way flow from the knee joint space to the popliteal cyst
*** What treatment is reserved for those cases that fail conservative treatment and remain symptomatic, but this treatment has a relatively high recurrence rate?surgical excision
Is there a clear correlation between the size of the cyst and the need for surgical excision?no
What treatment may be considered an appropriate initial treatment option if arthritis is suspected as an underlying cause, however this may only provide transient relief as re-accumulation is possible ?aspiration and steroid injection
What class of medications may be effective if the underlying condition is inflammatory or arthritic, however it does not treat the underlying cause?NSAIDS
True or false? Anterior crucial element ligament injuries are less likely to be associated with popliteal cysts? What three tests can be used to test for anterior cruciate ligament injuries on exam?positive Lachman's, anterior drawer, pivot shift
*** SUMMARY = What type of popliteal cysts are more common and are usually the result of an underlying intra-articulate knee disorder?secondary popliteal cysts
*** SUMMARY = Rupture of a popliteal cyst may mimic what?DVT
*** SUMMARY= What group of medications are only helpful if the underlying disorder is arthritic or inflammatory?NSAIDS