CC Jan 2016 Acute HIV Infection

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Question Answer
What percentage of individuals with acute (primary) HIV infection will have symptoms of acute retro viral syndrome? 40-90%
List the 9 symptoms of acute HIV infection?Fever (most common); fatigue (most common); myalgias/arthralgias (most common), rash (usually erythematous, maculopapular) (most common), pharyngitis, anorexia, lymphadenopathy, mucocutaneous ulcerations, diarrhea
Symptoms are nonspecific and also consistent with other viral infections, most notably what infection?Mononucleosis
What index is necessary because of symptoms being nonspecific?High index of suspicion
Symptoms usually develop how many weeks after infection? What is the range in days? How long do these symptoms last?1-4 weeks; 5-29 days; 2-4 weeks
***What labs should be done for acut HIV infection?HIV RNA, HIV antibody, HIV-1 p24 antigen testing
What are RNA and p24 antigen?These are markers that become positive before the development of antibody, which is detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and confirmed by Western blog
Individuals with acute HIV have a _____ (low vs high) viral load and are _____ (less vs more) infectious than those with chronic infection?High; more
Early treatment with what I now recommended because it has been shown to decrease infective the acutely and improve outcomes in the long term?CART (combined antiretroviral therapy)
While the development of IRIS is a possibility, this should not delay treatment, what is IRIS?immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome
What criteria would determine if a patient should initiate CART immediately?HIV RNA > 5,000 copies/ mL and poster
If the HIV RNA > 5000 copies/mL but the antigen and antibody tests are negative, what does patient have?presumptive HIV infection and should repeat testing in 3 weeks, at which time antigen and antibody testing may be positive and CART is recommended
What testing is necessary for patients with detectable levels of HIV RNA < 5,000 copies/mL and negative antibody and antigen to r/o false positive?repeat HIV RNA
If the above repeat HIV RNA is positive, the patient may have what and what treatment is recommended with repeat testing in how many weeks to confirm infection?acute HIV infection; CART is recommended; 3
*** SUMMARY =List the most common symptoms of acute HIV infection?fever, fatigue, body ache, rash
*** SUMMARY = HIV diagnosis by antibody detection lags behind what testing?RNA or antigen testing
*** SUMMARY = Treatment should begin immediately after what?positive testing