Catcher in the Rye ch#1-4

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Question Answer
who is Holden Caulfielda 16 year old boy who goes to Pencey Prep and is narrator of the story
where is Holden as he narrates the storyin a mental hostipal in California
why wasn't Holden at the big football gamehe just got back from a fencing trip
why wouldn't Holden be back to Pencey after Christmas vacationhe got expelled
what "dirty trick" did Mr. Spencer pull on Holdenlecture him about Holden not caring about his education
who was Robert Ackley holden's next door neighbor, who is insercure with bad dental hygiene
who was Stradlaterholden's roommate, he is popular and holden calls him a "secret slob"
Identify Jane Gallaghera girl holden spend time with during the summer of his sophmore year
why doesn't Holden go down to see Janeholden doesn't feel like going to see her