Cat muscles- origin, insertion, and action

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Section 5

Question Answer
action of pectoantebrachialismoves forelimb forward and to the midline
action of pectoralis majormoves forelimb to midline and turns front paws forward
action of pectoralis minormoves forlimb to midline and turns front paws forward
action of clavobrachialisraise front paws
action of brachioradialissupinates front paws
action of rectus abdominusflexes abdomen
action of sartoriusextends back thigh
action of gracilisadducts and retracts leg

Section 6

Question Answer
action of clavotrapeziusextends humerus forward
action of acromiotrapeziusabducts scapulae
action of spinotrapeziuspulls scapula up and towards the tail
action of latissimus dorsirighting reflex
action of triceps brachiiextends forearm
action of gluteus maximussynergist to tail flexion
action of biceps femorisabducts thigh and flexes shank