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Muscle Action, Origin, and Insertion for a Cat


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Actions for Deep Thorax, Deep Dorsal and Ventral Upper Limb, Thorax

SpleniusExtends/hyperextends head
IliocostalisExtends vertebral column
SemispinalisExtends vertebral column and head
External intercostalsElevates rib cage
Internal intercostalsDepresses rib cage
DiaphragmIncreases intra-abdominal pressure
Rectus abdominusFlexes and rotates (lumbar) vertebral column
CoccygeusSupports pelvic viscera
Sphincter urethraeConstricts urethra
IschiocavernosusMaintains erection
Serratus ventralisHolds scapula to chest wall
Subscapularis (Rotator cuff)Medially rotates humerus
Supraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Stabilizes shoulder joint
Infraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Stabilizes shoulder joint; laterally rotates humerus
Teres minor (Rotator cuff)Stabilizes shoulder joint; laterally rotates humerus
Teres majorExtends, medially rotates, adducts humerus
CoracobrachialisFlexes, adducts humerus
Triceps brachii, medial headExtends forearm
Biceps brachii, long headFlexes elbow, supinates forearm
Biceps brachii, short headFlexes elbow, supinates forearm
BrachialisFlexes forearm
Flexor digitorum profundusFlexes fingers
SupinatorSupinates forearm
ScalenesElevate first 2 ribs
RhomboideusRetracts scapula

Origins for Deep Thorax, Deep Dorsal and Ventral Upper Limb, Thorax

Splenius(Occipital and spines C7-T6)
IliocostalisRibs 3-12
SemispinalisTransverse processes C7-T12
External intercostalsInferior border of rib above
Internal intercostalsSuperior border of rib below
DiaphragmInferior, internal rib cage and sternum; costal cartilages of last (6) ribs; lumbar vertebrae
Rectus abdominusPubic Crest
CoccygeusIschial spine
Sphincter urethrae(Ischiopubic rami)
IschiocavernosusIschial tuberosities
Serratus ventralisRibs (1-8)
Subscapularis (Rotator cuff)Subscapular fossa of scapula
Supraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Supraspinous fossa of scapula
Infraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Infraspinous fossa of scapula
Teres minor (Rotator cuff)(Lateral border of) scapula
Teres major(Inferior angle of) scapula
CoracobrachialisCoracoid process of scapula
Triceps brachii, medial headPosterior humerus (distal to radial groove)
Biceps brachii, long head(Lip of) glenoid cavity
Biceps brachii, short headCoracoid process of scapula
Brachialis(Anterior distal) humerus
Flexor digitorum profundusCommon flexor tendon
SupinatorLateral epicondyle of humerus
ScalenesTransverse processes C(1-7)
Rhomboideus(Spines C7-T5)

Insertions for Deep Thorax, Deep Dorsal and Ventral Upper Limb, Thorax

Splenius(Temporal, occipital, C2-4)
IliocostalisAngles of ribs, transverse processes C(4-6)
SemispinalisOccipital bone, cervical spines (and T1-T4 spines)
External intercostalsSuperior border of rib elbow
Internal intercostalsCostal groove of rib above
DiaphragmCentral tendon
Rectus abdominusXiphoid process; costal cartilages (5-7)
CoccygeusSacrum and coccyx
Sphincter urethrae(Midline raphe)
Ischiocavernosus(Crus of) corpus cavernosa of penis/clitoris
Serratus ventralisAnteromedial scapula
Subscapularis (Rotator cuff)Lesser tubercle of humerus
Supraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Greater tubercle of humerus
Infraspinatus (Rotator cuff)Greater tubercle of humerus
Teres minor (Rotator cuff)Greater tubercle of humerus
Teres majorIntertubercular groove of humerus
Coracobrachialis(Medial surface of) humerus
Triceps brachii, medial headOlecranon process of ulna
Biceps brachii, long headRadial tuberosity
Biceps brachii, short headRadial tuberosity
BrachialisCoranoid process of ulna
Flexor digitorum profundusDistal phalanges 2-5
SupinatorProximal radius
ScalenesAnterolateral ribs (1 and 2)
RhomboideusMedial border of scapula