Case Study examples - Section B

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'The Interview' - institutional details(2014 - Sony/Columbia)
'The Interview' Production Budget ?$44m
'The Interview' Money Recouped at the VOD Market ?$15m
'The Interview' is an example of....'First run digital movie release'


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Example of Horizontal Integration. '12 years a Slave (2014 - Fox Searchlight'
'12 years a slave' owned by what?20th century fox - multi media conglomerate


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'Jurassic world'- institutional details (2015 - Legendary/Universal)
Based on a successful book and successful franchise"Exploit and Expand" (Warren Buckland - 2009)
'Jurassic world' Production budget?$150m
'Jurassic world' Box office takings$99.6
'Jurassic world' Capital value (Prof. Christine Gledhill - 2002) - Steven Speilberg
Legendary and Universal is an exampleCo production deal
'Jurassic world' Citizen Journalism - Gillmor 200471% Rotten tomatoes


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'A field In England' institutional information(2013 - Film Four)
'A field in England' Shoestring production budget£300k Production budget
A field in England - 'Multi platform day and date release(Katherine Butler - Film Four - 2013


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'Deadpool' Institutional Information (2016 - 20th century fox)
'Deadpool' production budget$58m
'Deadpool' Box office Takings $600m
'Deadpool' Rotten tomatoes 84% Citizen journalsim (Gillmor -2004)
'Deadpool' Marketing12 days of Deadpool


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'Legend' Institutional information(2015 - WTF/Universal
'Legend Production budget$30m
'Legend' Box office takings worldwide $43m
'Legend' exhibited in how many cinemas?107


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'Amy' Institutional information (2015 on the corner films)
Amy Production budget$3.4 m
Amy box office takings UK$8.4 m UK
Amy box office takings worldwide$22m


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'Tangerine' Institutional Information(2015 Duplas Brothers)
'Tangerine' Production budget$100,000
'Tangerine Box office takings$882
'Tangerine' ProductionCompletely filmed on an iPhone 5s
'Tangerine' Distribution44 screens


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'Beasts of no nation'Institutional information (2015 - Netflix/red crown productions)
'Beasts of no nation'Production budget$6
'Beasts of no nation'Box office takings90,000
'Beasts of no nations' how much did netlike buy the film forNetflix bought the text for 12 million
'Beasts of no nation' Distribution31 theatres in total VOD Netflix - 3 million review

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