Cartilages and Membranes

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Section 1

Question Answer
ThyroidLamina fused @ 120o (f), 90o (m); superior horns connect to hyoid, inferior horns meet with cricoid forming cricothyroid joint
CricoidRing of cartilage (higher posteriority), connects to first tracheal ring by cricothacheal ligament
EpiglottisLeaf shaped, stem connects to thyroid by thyroepiglottic ligament, posterior to and continuous by tongue, connect to hyoid by hyoepiglottic ligament
Arytenoid3 sided pyramid (medial, posterior, anterolateral surfaces); forms cricoarytenoid joint with cricoid, concave facets meet with convex cricoid facets
Corniculate and cuniformEmbedded in aryepiglottic folds, provide stability to folds

Section 2

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ExtrinsicOutside larynx
IntrinsicInside larynx, continuous with membrane of larynx
Extrinsic membranesHyothyroid, hyoepiglottic, cricotracheal
Intrinsic membranesQuadrangular membrane upper, conus elasticus lower
Quadrangular membranesUpper; ventricular ligaments
Conus elasticusLower; true vocal ligaments, aryepiglottic folds