Careful and attention to detail

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Question Answer
Discretionchoice, or the right to make a choice, based on judgment
Solicitousshowing care and helpful attention to someone, concern show karna
Meticulousvery careful and with great attention to every detail
Conscientiousfeeling a moral responsibility to do your work carefully and to be fair to others
Fastidiousgiving too much attention to small details and wanting everything to be correct and perfect
Punctiliousvery careful to behave correctly or to give attention to details
Persnicketygiving too much attention to small details that are not important in a way that annoys other people, fussy
Prissycaring too much about behaving and dressing in a way that is considered correct and that does not shock
Scrupulousextremely careful to do what is right or moral / extremely accurate and exact
Assiduousshowing hard work, care, and attention to detail, Industrious
Stringentextremely limiting or difficult; severe with regard to rules or standards
Finickygiving too much attention to small details; hard to please
Perusemean to read carefully in a detailed way
Charycautious or careful, choosy,uncertain and frightened to take risks, or unwilling to take action
Warynot completely trusting or certain about something or someone
Circumspectcareful not to take risks
Gingerlyin a way that is careful or cautious

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