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Jobsomething you do to earn money
careera path of connected jobs that all work together to help you develop your skills & experiences in one particular area.
Holland Theorystates that careers can and should b chosen based on your personality traits
Personality traitthe characteristics that are unique to you
Extra versionpeople with this personality get energy from being around other people and are often described as outgoing
Agreeablenessmore compassionate and kind, better able to understand other people and their situations
concientiousnesspeople that show this usually are more responsible and better planners
negative emotionalitynormally people who react quickly to situations and worry a lot
open mindednesscurious about lots of different things
holland RIASEC testmeasures your personality and gives suggestions about careers you may like
realisticprobably good at mechanical or atheltic jobs
investigativelikes to watch and learn, analyze situations, and solve problems
artisticlikes it better when others dont ask you to work within a structure, when you can use your creativity
socialyou thrive when you work with people other than things
enterprisinglike working with others, but you also like persuading them to see your point of view
conventionalloves details, likes to work with numbers and data
clergypeople ordained to carry out religious duties

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can you change your personality?no