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what are values?. Important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad
what are skillsthings you learn that enable you to perform certain tasks.
introvertsisn't very social, listens to their own thoughts
extrovertsan outgoing, overly expressive and social person.
aspiration/goala hope or ambition of achieving something.
what is a careerposition includes all the roles you undertake throughout your life, what you want to pursue in the future
what is a joba paid position of regular employment.
LMI labour market infonformation concerning the conditions in, and the operations of, the market for labour. (SUPPLY AND DEMAND
soft skillsSoft skills is a synonym for "people skills." The term describes those personal attributes that indicate a high level of emotional intelligence.
cold callingu call comapnies to inquire about availible jobs or walk into a place of business and drop resume.
networkinginteract with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one's career.
open market A freely competitive market operating without restrictions
hidden job market hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren't posted online or advertised. Job seekers can tap the hidden job market by using networking connections to help find unadvertised job openings
initiativethe power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.
promising occupationsjob thats likely to be in demand in next 3-5 years
promising sectorsegment of economy that has several promising occupations within it.
transferable skillsskills that r useful in more than 1 job.

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Learning styles are infor that enters your brainin three main ways: sight, hearing and touch, which one you use the most is called your learning style
visual learnerslearn by sight
auditory learnerslearn by hearing
tactile learners(kinesthetic) learn by touch
multiple intelligencesverbal - linguistic. logical - mathimatical skills. bodily kinesthetic skills. visual-spatial skills. interpersonal abilities. intrapersonal abilities. musical abilities. naturalistic abilities.
Essential skills - reading textreading cooking instructions on food packages to make food
ES WRITINGwriting emails to friends for plans
ES DOCUMENT USEuse bus schedule
ES computer usecheck company website to find weather information
ES ORAL COMMUNICATIONteach a friend how to snowboard
ES MONEY MATHcalculate differences
ES SCHEDULING BUDGETING AND ACCOUNTINGcompare cost of school supplies
ES MEASUREMENT AND CALCULATIONcalculate the area of a room to find how much carpet
ES Numerical estimationestimate how much time you need to study for test
ES DECISION MAKINGchoose apartment to rent (location cost size)
ES FINDING INFOconduct internet searches
ES CRITICAL THINKINGjudge suitability of courses.
WORK HABITSworking safely, teamwork, reliability, organization, working independently, initiative, self advocacy, customer service, entrepreneurship.
Multipotentilite you have a lot of potential to do many things. u do not have one true calling. u have many.

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Workplace safety/rights THE S.T.O.P SOLUTIONstop think object politely
WHMISworkplace hazardous materials info system
occupational health and safety actplaces dutie on employers to get labels/material safety datasheets from suppliers. TO EDUCATE AND TRAIN WORKERS
Unlawful reprisalyour employer can't fire or dicipline you for refusing unsafe work.
PRE-personal protective equipmentacts as BARRIER to GUARD workers AGAINST hazards
Illegal Wage deductionsconditions under which an employment cannot deduct from an employers wages
Termination - NOTICE AND PAY..3 months or more BUT LESS THAN 1 YEAR= 1 weeks notice
Termination - NOTICE AND PAY 1 yr or more but less than 3 years =2 weeks notice
Termination - NOTICE AND PAY 3 years = 1 weeks notice for each year workedto a max of 8 weeks
Termination - NOTICE AND PAY 5 years =possibility of SEVERANCE PAY. compensation that is paid to a qualified employee who has his or her employment “severed.” It compensates an employee for losses
3 r's RIGHT TO KNOWabout hazards+ how to protect yourself from them
3 r's RIGHt TO REFUSEunsafe work
3 r's RIGHT TO PARTICIPATEask questions, identify hazards and act as healthy and safety representative.

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what is a resume?short point form doc. self marketing tool degisned to convince an employer to call you for an interview. provides employer with info about you.
types of resumes: functionalif u dont have a lot of work exp. FOCUS ON SKILLS. if u havent had a job (young people)
types of resumes: Chronologicalfocues on employment history
types of resumes: Hybridcombines 2 types. focuses heavy on skills. show how ur career as evolved.
resume ingridentsidentification, contact info. work experience. skills. education. volunteer work. references.
the cover letteroffers new info. highlights specific skills u have that that r relavent to job ur applying 2.
cover letter for advertised jobsay how u heard of job. say the position, describe how u r a good fit. use qualifications.
cover letter for an unadvertised job.introduce urself, explain y u r interested in working for the company. make them know about you.
HOURS OF WORK AND EATING PERIODS: Employment standards in Ontariomust not work 5 consecutive hours without 30 min meal break
OVERTIME PAY Employment standards in Ontariopayable after 44 hours of working a week. overtime rate must be at least 1 1/2 times the regular rate pay.
MINIMUM WAGE Employment standards in Ontariostudents: 10.55/hour. reg 11.25/hour
PAYDAY Employment standards in Ontariomust be paid on reg pay day + recieve a wage statement.
vacation time and pay2 weeks of vacation time for every 12 months. must be paid 4% of total wages as vacation pay.
public holidays9 pub holidays. take day off and be paid public holiday pay.
leaves of absence.job protected unpaid leaves of absence. PREGNANCY PARENTAL FAMILY PERSONAL EMERGENCY
termination notice and payemployers must give advance written notice or termination pay when firing.
ontario human rights codeequal rights. prevents and eliminates discrimination. the prohibited grounds of discriminated: race, colopur, creed, ethinicity
tips on writing cover letter3-4 paragraphs. ANECDOTE: short account of interesting incident. story, action, result

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4 pathwaysapprenticeship, workplace, university, college
apprenticeshipu go through years of paid training to become a person in a specific trade.
collegeu gain a diploma and often learn applicable skills
workplaceu go straight from highschool to a job
universityu gain a degree and often learn theoretical knowledge.
applicationdoesn't replace a resume or cover letter. may often be the 1st step in job searching process. should always include your resume.
self employmentpaid for the work. contact a business to work for certain hours for a flat fee. free lance.
entrepeneurshipstart new business. advertise services to the public.

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what is credit?means someone is willing to loan you money (called principal). in exchange for your promise to repay (usually with interest)
interest is the amountyou pay to use somone elses money.
the higher the interest rate,the higher the total amount you pay to buy something on credit.
bank card interest rateapprox 20%
department store cards approx 30%
the 70/20/10 rule 70%spend 70% of ur income on expenses such as RENT GAS FOOD
the 70/20/10 rule 20%save or invest 20% for finacial goals and emergency expenses.
the 70/20/10 rule 10%spend no more than 10% on debt repayment for items such as credit cards and school loans.
how much can u afford?never borrow more than 20% of ur yearly net income.
if net income (AFTER TAX) is $400/month thennet yearly income is $4800. 20% of $4800 = $960
you should never have more than 960$ of debt OUTSTANDING monthly payments on your debt shouldnt exceed 10% if ur monthly net income.

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promising sectorswhat are jobs of tomorrow in windsor essex? agriculture processional services renewable energy creative industries construction education health sciences manufacturing tourism and hospitality.
approx 35% of the population in Windsor Essexif 45 years of age or older
high rates of retirements =more jobs especillay in the promising sectors
budgetingincome is the money u have. expenses is $ you spend.
a budget allowsyou to track income and expense.
required expensesbills you must pay (phone, gas)
discretionary expensesoptional CLOTHES GIFTS SHOPPING SNACKS MOVIES ETC
DISCRETIONARY INCOMEmoney left over after paying bills
Living wage$.14.15/hour . an amount above and beyond the min wage. live comfortably and participate in the community.
OYAPOntario Youth Apprenticeship Programbe at least 16 years old; have completed 16 credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) prior to starting the program;

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