Careers Chp 12 Vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
Mental image you have of yourselfSelf-Concept
Having confidence and satisfaction in yourselfSelf-Esteem
Process of taking stock of your interests, aptitudes, and abilitiesSelf-Assessment
The activities, events, and ideas you likeInterests
A person’s natural physical and mental talents for learningAptitude
Task or skill you have already developedAbility
This influences how a person thinks and feelsPersonaility
When you do something the same way every timeHabit

Section 2

Question Answer
The principles and beliefs that you consider importantEthics
Set of moral values that guide the person’s conductValues
What you want to attainGoals
Accepted levels of achievementStandards
The goods and services considered essential for living- Standard of livingStandard of Living
All the things you have or can use to help you reach your goalsResources
The resources you have within yourself such as skills, knowledge, and experienceHuman Resources
The material things you have or can use to achieve goals such as time, money, tools, clothes, and community resourcesNonhuman Resources