Cardiovascular heart

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The largest artery in the body Aorta
5 types of vessels in the heart Arteries, Arterioles, veins, venules, and capillaries
The what supplies blood to the heart itself? Coronary arterie
what do veins carry? Deoxygenated blood
How many chambers does the heart have? Four
What is the name of the wall that divides the heart into the left and right sides? Septum
List the four chambers of the heart Right atrium, Left atrium, Right ventricle, Left ventricle
What is the sac that surrounds the heart called? Pericardial sac
Where does the exchange of oxygen and Carbon dioxide occur? Capillaries
What are the three layers of the heart? Epicardium, Myocardium, and Endocardium
Four valves of the heart? Right atrioventricular, Left atrioventricular, Pulmonary valve, and Aortic Valve
Systole Contraction phase
Diastole relaxation phase
The blunt lower edge of the heart is called the what? Apex
List the electrical conduction system of the heart. Sinoatrial Node (SA Node), Atrioventricular Node (AV Node),Bundle of His, Purkinie fibers
The what is the pacemaker of the heart? Sinoatrial node
Arteries carry what type of blood? Oxygenated blood

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