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Function of the heartpropels blood through the body, delivers oxygen
pericordiummembrane enclosing the heart, outter layer fibrius, inner double layer of serous membrane
right atriumrecievs oxygen poor blood from the body and pumps it into the right ventricle
right ventriclepumps oxygen poor blood to the lungs
left atriumrecieves oxygen rich blood from the lungs, pumps into left ventricle
left ventriclepumps oxygen rich blood to the body
veinscarry deoxygenated blood back to the heart, thin walls
arteriescarry oxygenated blood away from the heart to tissue, thick muscle
cappillariessmallest blood vessel, site of the transfer of oxygen and other nutrients from the blood stream to other tissue in the body
what is the largest artoryaorta
Order the blood travels from leaving the heartarteries,arterioles,cappilaries,venules,veins,back to heart
How is blood pressure determinedHow hard your blood pumps and how the blood hits the artery wall
hypertensionhigh blood pressure
hyoptensionlow blood pressure
heart soundsnoises generated by the beating of the heart and flow of blood through it
atherosclerosisextra fat lining arteries high fat diet that will narrow the opening of the artery
aneurysmwhen there is a weakening of the arteries
Pericarditistwo layers that surround the heart and there is less fluid surrounding stops friction
Pericordial tamponadeblood that gets in periocard and the heart cannot beat
congestive heart failureweakining of the heart beat
How is CAD treatedmedication and the use of balloon cauterization puts stent, it can be remove artery from other parts of the body and implant it
Two ways to control heart rateautonomic controlled by brain, SA node hearts pace maker
arrhythmiasabnormal heart rate to fast or to slow
EKGtest that checks for problems with electrical activity of you heart

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