Cardiovascular Anatomy

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Right brachiocephalic vein joins left brachiocephalic vein to form Superior vena cava
Name of the valve that forms across the hole between the atriasForamen ovale (prevents backflow of blood from left to right atrium)
Pericardium seperates theAnterior/posterior mediastinum
What structure are in anterior mediastinumThymus, lymph nodes
What structures are in middle mediastinumHeart,bronchi,ascending aorta
What structures are in posterior mediastinumOesophagus, descending aorta
What structures are in superior mediastinumTrachea, phrenic nerve
Composition of blood, RBC, WBC & plasma percentagesRBC = 44%, WBC = 0.5%, Plasma = 56%
Tunica intima is composed of A thin layer of endothelial cells
How many tunica layers does capillaries haveTunica intima only.
Tunica media of arteries has more or less smooth muscle than veins?More
Tunica adventita is mainly Collagen and elastin.
What is the vasa vasorumNetwork of small blood vessels that supply the walls of large blood vessels
Name an elastic arteryAorta
Role and function of elastic arteriesRecieve blood directly from heart - aorta and pulmonary artery
Role and function of muscular arteryDistribute blood to parts of body e.g. femoral and coronary arteries.
Role and funciton of arteriolesControl blood flow through capillary beds
2 examples of large veinsVena cava and portal vein
Funciton of venules Drain capillary beds
Functions of endothelium1) Selectively permeable barrier to allow proteins to move 2) Secrete anticoagulants to prevent thrombosis 3) Modulate blood flow in response to vasodilators and constrictors 4) Regulation of immune response
Tricuspid valve seperates theRight atrium and right ventricle
Pulmonary trunk is a major vessel that originates from the... and branches into the... and .... Originates from right ventricle, branches into right and left pulmonary arteries
Mitral vale seperates Left atrium/left ventricle
The 2 atrioventricular valves areTricuspid and mitral
What are chordae tendinae and whats their functionFilaments attached to edges of the valve leaflets. They work with papillary mucles to prevent the valves from being exerted by high pressures generated within the ventricles during systole
What are the 2 semilunar valvesPulmonary and aortic valves prevent backflow from arterial system into the ventricles
What is the skeleton of the heart calledFibrocollageneous ring
What are the functions of the fibrocollageneous ring1) Seperates atria from ventricles 2) Supports all 4 valves
Pericardial sac layers are made up ofEndocardium > Myocardium > Epicardium
Right aortic sinus gives rise to Right coronary artery
Left aortic sinus gives rise to Left coronary artery
The sympathetic innervation of the heart originates from which levels of the spinal cord and where doe the presynaptic fibers synapse T1-T4 of the spinal cord, synapse in either the cervical or thoracic ganglia of the sympatehtic chain.
The parasymp innervation of the heart is supplied by the Right an dleft vagus nerves