Cardiovascular 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
Intercalated discs allow the heart tohave impulses without nerve connections
The Atrium and Ventricles pump in parallel because junctions in intercalated discs
Contractions of the heart are ______self-activate...self started
What can generate and conduct AP by themselves?The heart has specialized cardiac cells
Where in the heart causes cardiac arrhythmias?Any area
Necessary for proper function, movement of AP must go...on a specific pathway and in a specific sequence
Components of the electrical heart system are:Sinoatrial Node and Atrioventricle Node
Where is the SA node found?Superior lateral part of Right Atrium
SA nodes are also calledthe heart's pacemaker

Section 2

Question Answer
The specialized cells spontaneously generates what?Action Potentials
The event of generating AP's is ______Rhythmic...steady....measured
What is the same in the rhythm of APs?Time between AP's
What stimulates the next AP?the previous AP (depolarize)
Cardiac muscle cells are different than?neurons
Special cardiac cells causes a specific sequence, which is:Atrial Styole...Atrial Diaostyle....Ventricle Styole...Ventricle Diaostyle
The junction/connection between cardiac cells are:intercalated disc
Atrials are separted from ventricles by what?Fibrous CT
The Fibrous CT surrounds what?The AV valves separating the Atria and Ventricle
Where is the AV Node located?Inferior portion of the septum
Is there an impulse in the AV valve?NO

Section 3

Question Answer
Where does the cardiac signal slow down; SA node or AV nodeAV node
Signal slows down before getting to_____causing Atria to do what?Ventricles causing Atria to Diastoyleg
The slowing down of_____allows the sequence to stay in order?AV node
Which is bigger Atria or Ventricle?Ventricle
Pathway after leaving SA node:Inferior of septum (leaving AV node)-->*AV BUNDLE*-->Lft. and Rt Bundle Branches-->Purkinje fibers-->ending in all Ventricular cardiac cells
After BUNDLE OF HIS, does the velocity increase or decrease?INCREASE
By the time the AP reaches ________the velocity has increased.Purkinje fibers
Impulse velocity for AV node is:~0.03-0.05 m/sec
Impulse velocity for Purkinje fiber is faster than____AV nodes
The rapid increase of the signal of impulse down to the ventricles is so that ?all the cells can contract as a unit
The specific sequence is important forVentricular filling
Electrocardiogram ECGThe monitor that picks up "electrical" activity of the heart can be detected and recorded thru the skin
ECGPicks up change in polarity of cells
The change in polarity is represented by:ECG Waveforms