Cardiovascular 3

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Question Answer
The Outer layer of the heart is made up of?Dense CT...mainly dense irregular tissue
Adherent to the outer fibrous layer, what is present?Parietal paricardium layer
The Parietal layer produces?A thin watery fluid
Adherent to the Parietal serous membrane is which layer and also called?Visceral pericardim layer a.k.a. Epicardium
The wall of the pericardial sac is?The Parietal serous membrane
Which layer is closest to the heart?Visceral serous membrane...
Visceral means?Organ
Parietal means?Wall
How many times does the heart contract in a life-span?2 billion contractions
Most inner layer of the heart?Visceral serous membrane
The wall of the heart?Epicardium

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