Cardiology MKSAP

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Question Answer
Type A dissection vs type BA involves arch or asending aorta. B is distal to subclavian (no surgery indicated for B unless malperfusion or significant aneurysmal dilation)
EKG for PAHRVH with strain and R axis deviation
cardiac findings in turner syndromebicuspid aortic valve, coarctation, ascending aorta dilation
dronedarone black box warningdecompensated heart failure or class III/IV HF--> 2 fold increase in mortality. Dronedarone increases SCr w/o a change in GFR, has properties of all 4 anti-arrhythmic classes
define ventricular interdependenceseen in constrictive pericarditis, the diastolic filling of one chamber impedes the other and causes to and fro diastolic motion of the septum
contraindications for flecainideincreased risk of polymorphic VT post MI
best cardiac risk score in younger womenReynolds (includes crp and family hx)
accentuated early diastolic filling --> ?restrictive CM