Cardio Physiology

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What is blood made ofPlasma, Red blood cell, platelets, white blood cells
What are passagesRoutes that deliver blood to body
What are the 2 types of circulationSystemic and pulmonary
What are the 2 other types of systemic circulationCoronary - from and to heart Portal- from intestines to liver
Where is blood mostly found inveins and vessels
What is formed elementsplatletes, wbc, rbc
Which structures repair RBC if they are damagedSpleen and liver
How the hell do you form a RBCErythroproiesis
What does decreased hemocrit lead toBleeding and suppression of RBC production
What anemia meanLow hemocrit which means low O2 in blood
name 3 kinds of anemialack of iron, hemorrhagic, hemolytic
What is the problems resulting in anemiaClotting Decreased o2 capacity
What are the problems with polycythemicaHigh viscosity which leads to heart issues

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