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Question Answer
Digoxin↓ AV nodal conduction/ inh. Na/K/Atpase = inc. Ca conc. in heart cells = inc. contraction force
DiltiazemTxt black men. Txt AV nodal re entrance
Quinidine↓ AV nodal conduction. Cinchonism. Anticholinergic= aggravate MG. Hypotension= α block
Verapamil↓ AV nodal conduction. ↓ BP. Negative inotrope= no CHF use
DiazoxideBalanced vasodilator.
NiroprussideBalanced vasodilator. Unloads heart. ↑s cyanide= pre-txt w/ thiosulfate. Txt Acute HTNív Crisis
ReserpineTxt severe & resistant HTN. Depletes CA. See stuffy nose. No to pts w/ peptic ulcers.
DobutamineAt high doses β2(+) offsets α1 = β1 ↑ CO w/o systemic vascular resistance
DopamineAt low doses Txt Shock= dilates renal and mesenteric aa= maintain urine output
EsmololShort acting β(-)
CaptoprilBalanced vasodilator. Txt Outpt. CHF see dry cough(bradykinin induced)
DigoxinTxt CHF & Atrial Flutter - inotropic - ↓ K+ levels= dig. Toxicity
Dig. ToxicityFatal ventricular arrhythmias w/ sever AV block
Contraindicated in CHFβ (-)r = you donít want to ↓ the heartís pumping strength
Variant anginaUse Ca Ch. (-)r ieÖ Nifedipine
Isoproterenol↑HR & ↓MAP
EnoxaparinLow molecular weight heparin = Oral anticoagulant
AdenosineTxt of Reentrant Supra Ventricular Tachycardia
MethyldopaDOC for pregnancy induced HTN
Gray manAmiodarone: ClassIII antiarrhythmia
BeperidilCa Ch(-). Limited clinical use due to Torsades de Pointes
ACEIsVasodilate renal efferents > than afferent arterioles: ↓GFR & Filtration pressure
↓ Diabetic renal failure progressionACEIs
class IIβ(-) ↓risk fo reinfarction & sudden death following MI
Norepi.↑ heart rate and ↑ systolic and diastolic BP, ↑ peripheral blood vessel resistance
Only Thiazide that will have no effect on cholesterol levelsIndopamide
ClassIc anti arrhythmic. Marked conduction slowingFlecanide
Long t1/2= need potent doses to obtain desired level for action. See blue skin, ocular deposits, Pulmonary Fibrosis.Amiodarone