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angina pectorisunconfortable sensation in chest and neighboring anatomic structures produced by myocardial ischemia
stable anginachronic pattern of transient angina pectoris, precipitated by physical activity or emotional upset, relieved by rest w/in few mins; episodes associated with temp. depression of ST segment but perm. myocardial damage doesnt result
variant anginatypical angina discomfort, at rest, develops b/c of coronary artery spasm rather than an increase of myocardial oxygen demand, episodes with transient shifts of st segment, st elevation [prinzmetal angina]
silent ischemiaasymptomatic, detected by ecg and other labs
unstable anginapattern of increased frequency/duration of angina episodes produced by less exertion or at rest; high freq of progression to myocardial infarction if untreated. used to be preinfarction angina. plaque ruptue, can lead to MI

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