Cardio 2 - Arteriolosclerosis, Vasculitides

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Question Answer
hyaline arteriolosclerosisbenign HTN
hyaline arteriolosclerosisDM - non enzymatic glycosylatiion of BM --> increased wall permeability
hyaline arteriolosclerosisthickening of vessel walls due to protein deposition
hyaline arteriolosclerosisintima + media
hyaline arteriolosclerosispink pink on H&E
hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis"onion-skinning" - reduplicated BM
hyperplastic arteriolosclerosismalignant HTN
hyperplastic arteriolosclerosishyperplasia of SM - more nuclei seen
Monckeberg arteriolosclerosismedium sized arteries
Monckeberg arteriolosclerosisbenign "band-like" calcification of elastic lamina (media)
Monckeberg arteriolosclerosisincidental finding on mammograms
Monckeberg arteriolosclerosis"pipe-stem" appearance on X-ray
Monckeberg arteriolosclerosisuncommon
arteriolosclerosiscommon; small arteries + arterioles
arteriosclerosishardening of arteries


Question Answer
temporal artery vasculitis- branches of carotid artery
- granulamotous
- fibrotic inflammation
- luminal narrowing
temporal artery vasculitisMC vasculitis overall, MC in women > 50
temporal artery vasculitisjaw claudication - hurts to chew
temporal artery vasculitisunilateral headache, tender, bulging temporal artery + temporal muscle wasting
temporal artery vasculitisunilateral vision loss; reversible but also irreversible so medical emergency
temporal artery vasculitiselevated ESR; can diagnose w biopsy, but negative biopsy does not exclude (segmental)
temporal artery vasculitistreat even w/o confirmation of biopsy; long course of corticosteroids ASAP
temporal artery vasculitispolymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) - arthritis esp. painful in shoulder/pelvic girdle
takayasu vasculitis"pulseless disease" in upper extremities
takayasu vasculitisgranulamotous, intramural inflammation of aortic arch + great vessels
takayasu vasculitisyoung asian woman <40
takayasu vasculitisfatigue, skin nodules, ocular disturbances + flu like sx - fever, cold sweats, myalgia
takayasu vasculitiselevated ESR, arteriogram --> corticosteroids
polyarteritis nodosatype III HSR
polyarteritis nodosaHep B (>C) in 30%
polyarteritis nodosasegmental transmural inflammation w fibrinoid (pink H&E) necrosis
polyarteritis nodosaspares the lungs; likes the kidneys, GI tract, heart and skin
polyarteritis nodosaweight loss, abdominal pain + bleeding, diffuse muscle aches, fever, headache, peripheral neuropathy
polyarteritis nodosa'bead-like/string of pearls' aneurysms (esp. in mesenteric arteries)
polyarteritis nodosarenal micro-aneurysms + spasms on arteriogram
polyarteritis nodosacorticosteroids + cyclophosphomide; fatal if not treated
buerger vasculitissmoking; rx = smoking cessation
buerger vasculitissegmental, necrotizing, thrombosing vasculitis
buerger vasculitismen <40
buerger vasculitisgangrene/auto-amputation esp of digits (radial + tibial artery involvement)
buerger vasculitisintermittent claudication, superficial nodular phlebitis
kawasaki vasculitisasian child <4
kawasaki vasculitishand + foot edema, adenopathy, conjunctivitis, strawberry tongue (mucositis), fever >5 days
kawasaki vasculitispolymorphous/desquamating rash all over body + palms of hands/feet
kawasaki vasculitislikes coronary arteries; can progress to coronary aneurysm/rupture or thrombosis/ischemia
kawasaki vasculitisRx - IV IgG, aspirin
granulomatosis with polyangitis
[aka wegener's]
focal necrotizing vasculitis
granulomatosis with polyangitis
[aka wegener's]
RPGN pauci-immune (hematuria, red cell casts, crescentic GN), necrotizing granulomas in the lung; nodular densities on CXR
granulomatosis with polyangitis
[aka wegener's]
sinusitis, otitis media, nasopharyngeal ulceration, perforation of nasal septum --> saddle nose
granulomatosis with polyangitis
[aka wegener's]
PR3-c-ANCA level correlates w disease activity; cyclophosphamide + corticosteroids
eosiniphilic granulomatosis with polyangitis
[churg strauss]
necrotizing vasculitis
eosiniphilic granulomatosis with polyangitis
[Churg straus]
asthma, sinusitis, skin nodules/purpura, peripheral neuropathy (wrist/foot drop)
eosiniphilic granulomatosis with polyangitis
[Churg Strauss]
RPGN pauci-mmune, MPO-p-ANCA + increased IgE level + eosinophils
microscopic polyangitisRPGN pauci-mmune, MPO-p-ANCA, palpable purpura; NO granulomas, NO eosinophils, NO nasopharyngeal involvement
henoch-schoenlein purpuraIgA Glomerulonephritis (Berger's)
henoch-schoenlein purpurachildren with recent URI, abdominal pain, bleeding, vomiting, arthralgias (knee)
henoch-schoenlein purpuraBiopsied palpable purpora from butt/legs show necrotizing vasculitis of small vessel edema
Sub epidermal hemorrhage on light microscopy
henoch-schoenlein purpuraself-limited, but Rx w corticosteroids if severe
granulomatous (giant cells)temporal, takayasu, eosinophilic granulomatosis w polyangitis, granulomatosis w polyangitis
necrotizingpolyarteritis nodosa, buerger's, granulomatosis w polyangitis, eosinophilic granulomtosis w polyangitis, microscopic polyangitis, henoch schoenlein purpura