Cardiac Drugs

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Question Answer
Regadenoson AKALexiscan
Regadenoson Dose0.4 mg/kg, over 10 seconds. 5mL saline flush post injection; imaging agent 10-20 s after saline
VasodilatorsIncrease blood flow, increase heart rate, decrease blood pressure
Regodenoson AntagonistAminophylline
Dipyridamole AKAPersantine
Dipryidamole Dose0.56 mg/kg IV, 4 minutes
Adenosine AKAAdenocard
Aminophylline AKATheophylline
Aminophylline Is ABronchodilator
Aminophylline ContraindicationsPeptic ulcer, seizure disorder
Adenosine Half-Life10 seconds
Adenosine Dose0.84 mg/kg IV, max 60 mg, 4 minutes
Dipyridamole ContraindicationsOff aminophyline, asthma, bronchospasms, caffeine
Adenosine Contraindications2nd/3rd degree AV block, sinus nose disease, asthma, caffeine
Aminophylline Used to Treatasthma, bronchitis, and emphysema
Aminphylline Side EffectsRespiratory distress
Adenosine Side EffectsCP, headaches, flushing, dyspnea, jaw/throat/arm pain, radially self-limiting
Adenosine AntagonistAminophylline and Nitroglycerin, 125 mg IV slow infusion
Dipyridamole Side EffectsHeadaches, flushing, dyspnea, nausea, dizziness
Dobutamine AKADobutrez
Dobutamine Used ForAsthmatic patients or physically unable to stress
Vasodilators Work ByIncreasing myocardial demand for blood
Dobutamine Dose5-10 ug/kg/min, 3 minute intervals at 10 ug/interval, max 40 ug.
Dobutamine Side EffectsAngina, headache, nausea, tachycardia, sob
Dobutamine AntagonistEsmolol, propranolol
Suffix -ololBeta Blockers, high BP
Dobutamine ContraindicationsRecent MI, unstable angina, tachycardia, aortic aneurysm, beta blockers
Atropine Sulfate Used ToIncrease heart rate in patients not responding to dobutamine
Regadenoson Half-Life2-4 minutes
Max Heart Rate %85%
Max Heart Rate Equation220 - age
Renal Artery Stenosis CausesRenovascular Hypertension
Renovascular HTN is a form ofSecondary hypertension
Furosemide AKALasix
Lasix Dose0.5 mg/kg, max 40 mg.
Lasix Is ADiuretic
Lasix Treatshypertension, congestive heart failure, edema
Lasix Determinesobstruction versus hydronephrosis
Lasix Contraindicationsdehydration, anuria
Captopril AKACapoten
Captopril Is AnACE Inhibitor
Captopril Dose25 or 50 mg orally
Captopril ContraindicationsNormal or low BP, decreased renal function
Captopril Side EffectsHypotension, dizziness, dyspnea
Enalaprillat AKAVasotec, Enalapril
ACE InhibitorsCaptopril & Vasotec
Vasotec Dose0.04 mg/kg, max 2.5 mg, diluted in 50 mL saline solution injected over 5 minutes
ACE stands forangiotensin converting enzyme
Insulin Made bythe Pancreas
Insulin helpsregulate blood sugar
Acetazolamide AKADiamox
Diamox Used ForCerebral vacsular reserve with stenosis; brain perfusion, increases flow
Diamox ConditionsAlzheimer's, dementia, head trauma
Max Blood Sugar for PET Scan180
Captopril Determinesrenal artery stenosis
Cholecystokinen AKAsincalide, CCK, kinevac
CCK causesprompt contraction of gallbladder, 5-15 minutes
CCK Determinesejection factor (EF) (function)
CCK Dose0/01-0.02 ug/kg
CCKRelaxes Sphincter of Oddi
CCK Contraindicationintestinal obstruction
What Must Be Seen Before Injection of CCKLiver, gallbladder, and small intestine
Diamox Dose1 g IV diluted in 10 cc sterile water injected slowly for 2 minutes
Diamox Contrindicationsallergy to sulfonamide
Cimetidine AKATagamet
Cimetidine Is AHistamine antagonist
Cimetidine Dose20 mg/kg/day, 1-2 days before scan
Cimetidine Functionincreases gastric uptake
Morphine Dose0.04-0.1 mg/kg IV, 2-3 minutes