Cardiac Arrythmicity

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Bradyarrythmia isSlow irregular heart rate, less than 60beats per min
3 groups of bradyarrtyhmias and explain them1) Can start from the SAN (Bradycardia) 2) Can alternate between too fast/too slow (Sick sinus syndrome) 3) Sometimes signals might just stop (atrio-ventricular block)
PR interval more than 200ms, always followed by QRS complex is what grad AV block?AV block 1
What grade AV block is caused by a block proximal of bundle of HIS.AV block 2 (Wenckebach - Type 1)
What grade AV block is caused by a block distal of HISAV Block 2 (Mobitz)
What grade AV block is characterised by PR prolongation gets longer and longer w every beat, then theres a blockAV block 2
What grade AV block is characterised by dissociation of P and QRS wavesAV block 3
Grade 1 AV block is a cause of ... and is characterised by...Delay in conduction from atria to ventricles. Heart rate unchanged, treatment not necessary.
The cause of Grade 2 AV block is thatAtrial impulse fails to reach ventricles
Compare Grade 2 type 1 & type 2Type 1 (Wenchebeck) - PR interval progressively increases, then suddenly P wave fails to conduct and QRS complex drops. Type 2 (Mobitz) - QS complex drops, no progressively increasing PR interval
Grade 3 AV block is characterised byNo association between atria and ventricle. Complete independent P and QRS complexes. Need pacemaker
Tacyarrythmias is typically defined as having a resting heart rate of over100 beats per minute
2 main mechanisms for tachyarrythmiasReentry based and ectopy based
Long or short wavelength favours reentry?Short
What happens to the conduction velocity in scar tissue and how does this effect reentryConduction velocity is reduced, favours reentry, increasing activity
Ectopy is a Disturbance of cardiac rhythum related to the electrical conduction system of the heart, in which beats arise from fibers outside the region in the heart muscle ordinarility responsible for impulse formation.
Wavelength = Somethign x somethingConduction velocity x refractory period

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