Cardiac Adjunct Medicines

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Question Answer
Persantine akaDipyridamole
Dipyridamole dose0.56 mg/kg
Dipyridamole infusion rateover 4 minutes at 0.142 mg/kg/min
Dipyridamole injection time3-5 minutes post infusion
Coronary vasodilators act toincrease blood flow and heart rate, decrease blood pressure
Dipyridamole monitoring15 minutes
Aminophyiline dose25-50 mg IV
Adenosine dose0.84 mg/kg
Adenosine infusion rate140 ug/kg/min (6 min), 210 ug/kg/min (4 min)
Adenosine contraindictaions2-3rd degree AV block, sinus nose disease
Regadenoson akaLexiscan
Lexiscan is anA2A adenosine receptor agonist
Regadenoson half-life2-4 minutes
Regadenoson dose5 mL (0.4 mg)
Lexiscan is administeredrapidly over ten seconds followed by saline flush
Tracer is administered _________ after Lexiscan10-20 seconds
Dobutamine akaDobutrex
Dobutamine dose250 mg in 50 mL saline
Dobutamine half-life2 mins
Dobutamine infusion rate5 ug/kg/min, 10 minute increases
Dobutamine inject tracer at1 minute after highest dose
___ can be given during dobutamine to increase HRAtropine
Dobutamine contraindicationsrecent MI, tachycardia, aneurysm, chest pain
Dobutamine antagonistEsmolol, propranolol
Aminophylline is a bronchodilator
Aminophylline contraindicationspeptic ulcer, seizure disorder
Atropine Sulfate is used toincrease the heart rate in patients not responding to dobutamine